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Last fall, Rubbermaid contacted me about doing a review of one of their newest products, the Rubbermaid Bento Boxes.

Hello, my name is Mary and I am a container addict.

Most professional organizers love containers because using the right container is a part of good organizing. So when Rubbermaid offered to give me a set of Bento boxes, how could I refuse?

We moved into our new home in September, so I’ve had some time to get situated and figure out where exactly these boxes would fit best in our new setup. The set came with 4 boxes, and though I found good uses for all of them, one size emerged as a favorite.

First, let me tell you about the boxes. In each corner of the interior, there is an extra piece of material that pops out forming a divider. If you want to use the divider, pop it out. I was able to mold this box to exactly what I needed: an awesome place to store my nail polish and nail hygiene products. Also, the lid is reversible and one side is deeper, which became a perfect place for my finger nail polish. I love the euphoria I feel every time something gets organized just the right way.

The box is a shoe box size, and I am utilizing the deep side of the lid. Normally, this is on a shelf in my master bathroom.

Here is the interior. Do you notice the 2 corners that are using the built-in dividers. The other corners are not popped out. All of the corners go easily back and forth between being open and locked back in the corner.

I love nail polish. I have three daughters, nail polish is an inevitable and frequent part of my life.

The boxes are sturdy, heavy feeling and seem like they will hold up well over time. They create a warmer feeling than I’m used to with containers, because most containers I use, especially in the bathroom, are plastic.

And if you are curious: the other boxes are used as a miscellaneous computer accessory storage (the big one), the what-not basket I keep at the top of my stair landing (the medium one), and as a place to hold my crafting supplies I want to keep handy (the tiny one).

What would you use a Rubbermaid Bento box for?

Thank you, Rubbermaid, I love my Bento boxes!

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8 thoughts on “Organize Nail Polish Stuff

  1. What material are the boxes made out of? Personally, I’m going to everything clear plastic so I know what is in them at a glance. I find that even if I label them with a label maker, it’s still easier and faster to see in them than to read the label:)

    1. Yeah, most of my containers are clear plastic for that exact reason, but these Bento boxes are a fun twist when it is something you don’t need or want to see. Like I put the large one on our shelves in our office, where I really don’t want all the computer junk inside to be seen. But yeah, most of the time it is clear all the way! (As for the exact type of material, definitely check out that link to Rubbermaid for more info.) Thanks for your comment!

      1. I have a small mirror tray that I keep my polish bottles on but that is really an awesome box. I like the way my tray looks with the polish bottles on it all neat and pretty but I like the fact that the other stuff, remover, files, etc. fits in the bottom of he box. Mine are kept else where so it is a good idea. I got the mirror tray at a garage sale for a quarter so it was nice but useless until I figured out the polish bottle would look good on it. I think it is meant for perfume so if I get a box for the polish I’ll use the mirror tray for perfume.

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