My Master Bedroom

Who doesn’t love a little peek into how other people really live? I love seeing pictures of other people’s homes!

We built this home last summer and moved in last September. Instead of focusing on one room at a time while I decorate, I’ve been fluttering around the house from project to project – whatever I want to do next. It is a very liberating approach! Today I thought I’d share my master bedroom with everyone, because it is one of my favorite spaces in our home.

My master bedroom is my sanctuary. I escape here when I need a break. That bed makes a comfy place for a power nap.

I’ve memorized all of the idiosyncracies of this ceiling on sleepless nights.

I couldn’t find a bedding set that fit my exact style with the right colors, so I created this bedding set a la carte.
It works for me.

His lamp.

Her lamp.

My reading chair. That blanket was made for me by my great-grandma when I was born. It is the most comfortable blanket of all time and it comes in handy when I want to take a nap, but not completely disturb the bed.

I like bedroom decor to be parent focused. The rest of the house reminds us we have lots of kids, I like my bedroom to remind me of the most important relationship.

Elements of organization: Each drawer holds 1 type of item, like CDs or DVDs. One even holds only our souvenir Indian clothes from one of Matt’s business trips. Notice also that there are no piles of clutter! Clutter is the thief of peace! (Well, I don’t consider my ‘to-read’ stack clutter, since I actually read them and move them out once I finish.) If your master bedroom is cluttered with things that don’t belong, start by moving all of the clutter to a different spot. Let the place you find your rest, also be a place of peace and comfort. Take back your bedroom!

What did you think? Do you want to see more?

From my home to yours –

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For your information –
Target: Bedding, throw pillows, rug, picture frames, framed art, twin lamp bases
Sam’s club: Blue sheets Blue Damasque fabric for the curtains
Pottery Barn: lamp shades (all 3)
TJ Maxx: tall lamp base


20 thoughts on “My Master Bedroom

  1. Oh Mary, this is GREAT!! I too share your belief that your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but mine is more of a “catch all” for anything that my kids don’t know what to do with. This post is an inspiration to me, to take back my bedroom! Thank you

  2. My dream is to have a bedroom that is a sanctuary like yours!!! Unfortunately, I am waaaayyyy off the mark!! Clutter is a huge problem that, as you know, I am trying to overcome. Your blog is already inspiring to do better!!! Love it!

  3. Our bedroom holds our bed and nightstands. We have a separate dressing room. I am challenged as far as decorating goes and you gave me great ideas to make it our ‘sanctuary’. Thanks so much!

  4. I *LOVE* your comment that we are modeling what a bedroom should look like for our children. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately pondering WHAT my husband and I are modeling in different areas of our lives. Your comment was a welcome challenge to me in this area. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful room! Do you have any advice on making a very small room feel more like a sanctuary? I just finished day 1 of your Master Bedroom list and am feeling great about that! But the room is so small I don’t know if it’ll ever feel comfortable.

    1. I haven’t written anything specific about that, but I do believe you can make a small space a sanctuary too. Just be really stingy with what gets to come into that space. Keep it very specific to calm and peaceful things and nothing else! Decluttering is definitely the place to stat!

  6. I love the size of your bedroom and the calmness I feel when I look at your pictures! I think it will take me the whole 91 days just for this room but this is where I’m starting. I took embarrassing pictures of before {blush} in hope I’ll actually have nice after pictures. One question, where do you put your dirty clothes?

  7. The whole thing is great but I am wildly enamored with the coffered ceiling. Did it come with the house; have it done latter; or DIY? I had just decided I wanted to do this in the bedroom but I don’t know anything about it. I have a high ceiling and unfortunately spend alot of time in bed.
    Thanks for the tour!

    1. We had the builders do it when the house was built. I have no idea how one would do it, but I’m sure if yu hired a contractor, they would know what to do. I really do like the feel of it.

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