Cleaning Naturally!

Last Spring (2011), I was searching for cleaners my kids could use with me. This was before my twins started kindergarten, when I had 3 shadows following me around while I cleaned our home. When it was time to clean the bathroom, I tried to sneak and clean it while they were busy elsewhere, but as soon as they were on to what I was doing, they were all over me in the bathroom begging to help. It felt weird to tell them No, when their desire was a good thing! But I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t have their perfect and sensitive little bodies be around the toxic cleaners I was using. I knew there had to be a better way: that is when I found Shaklee.

I started with the all-purpose, organic cleaning concentrate Basic H2. It replaced all my cleaners and degreaser, multi-surface cleaners, and glass cleaners. Most importantly, it is safe enough for my kids to get in on the action! It is nontoxic, fume and fragrance free, mild on your hands, pH balanced, and does not contain chlorine. There hasn’t been a single time in this entire year that I missed my old cleaners. That is saying a lot, because I was very picky about using only the most effective household cleaners. Also, Basic H2 is less expensive than using vinegar and is even more effective (without the smell of vinegar)! Each 16 oz. bottle makes up to 48 gallons of cleaner, which is less than 22 cents per gallon. The member price for the 16 oz. bottle is $10.35 and membership is FREE this month with ANY purchase in honor of Earth Day! All of Shaklee’s products are backed by their committment to the environment and 100% satisfaction guarantee. And that matters to me.

Over this past year of using Basic H2 I have loved my girls being able to help me clean! And the other day, when one of my girls sprayed her sister in the eye with bathroom cleaner on accident, I felt so relieved about my choice of cleaners.


When I launched my Organizing business last month, I decided for my business to include distributing Shaklee products. It fits with my business, Mary Organizes, to help families live better! Order Shaklee products from my Shaklee shop:

In honor of Earth Day this coming weekend, I have blog posts planned for each day this week with little tips about how organization can even help the environment. (What isn’t helped by organization?!) I wanted to start this week by telling you how I am improving my family’s environment, which is my first step in saving the earth. All important things begin at home!


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9 thoughts on “Cleaning Naturally!

  1. This product looks like something I could really use. Are you saying that you are selling the product? How does that work?

    1. The basic g disinfects and cleans and the basic h cleans really well. I use them both, but primarily use basic g in bathrooms, basic h for stainless steel, granite counters, mop water, among other things. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Wow! You found one of my very first blog posts. I can hardly remember writing it. :) But yes, I still use Shaklee and still sell it. It is fun to remember this post and to think of all that has happened since. Shaklee is still my favorite!!

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