Every Day Should Be Earth Day!

Early this week, one of my kindergartener girls brought home a paper from school. She had written a paragraph about Earth Day and it warmed my heart to see her sincerity.

“EartDay is April 22. we plant trees and pick up trash. Every Day Should be Eart-Day (sic – picture the capital D’s all backwards)”

When she showed me her paper right after school, she determined to go out that second and pick up more trash. Our plates were full that day, so we postponed it until yesterday after school. My little nature-lover told me the specific rules about how to do it, exactly as she learned at school. Everyone has to wear gloves and once they touched trash, they were to not touch themselves or someone else with the gloves. I humored her, because that’s what moms do sometimes. So … everyone got a glove to wear on their picking up trash hand and a plastic sack to hold the garbage and we went hunting for garbage at our neighborhood park.

The park isn’t huge, so the outing wasn’t more than 20 minutes. 20 minutes to make the park we use cleaner. Worth it! I wish I could claim credit for this awesome idea, but it was all my daughter’s doing. She wondered about “what if everyone cleaned up their own park?” And then that made me wonder, WHAT IF everyone cleaned up their own park?

Make my 6 year old’s day and comment about how you picked up trash at your local park this weekend. I will let her read the comments and help me reply, which will absolutely make her day. And please, pin this and spread the word – let’s turn Allison’s thought into a movement!

I am positive our family has a new Earth Day tradition of picking trash in our neighborhood. Or maybe more regularly, because, after all, “Every day should be Earth Day!”


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3 thoughts on “Every Day Should Be Earth Day!

  1. So the park we use is our big back yard. The wind blows alot here in Las Vegas so we had trash blow into our yard. Grandpa and I picked up the trash in our yard for Earth Day. Thank you for the suggestion!

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