Our Easter

We had a great weekend. The fun was non-stop! We went to our town’s Friday night party on the square. On Saturday, we did Easter egg hunts, flew our new kite, and ate candy. And then on Sunday, the Easter bunny came, we went to church, and we enjoyed the evening with friends. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Matt is so good about getting me flowers – I love roses!

We tried coloring our Easter eggs with Kool-aid. The girls thought it was awesome, so I think we’ll do it again this way next year. (Another Pinterest find – link here.)

I was up late Saturday night tying up all the loose ends for Sunday. One of my late night projects was to sew these new scripture bags. The girls said they like them because they are “just like real purses.” Ha! I had so much fun with my girls all weekend – kids really do make holidays better.


We had some friends over for Easter Sunday dinner. Everyone really brought their A-game on all the food. It was an impressive spread! One of the dishes I made was this desert I found on Pinterest. (Pinterest addict, anyone?) It was puckery sour and sweet – loved it!


What is a fancy dinner without some fancy homemade bread? I love to make bread, so I make some kind every time we do a fancy holiday dinner. Here is my braided bread. I don’t know the official way, so I just took bread dough and braided it.


Alright, I hope you enjoyed a little peek into life at my house. How was your weekend?


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