Make Recycling Convenient

Earth Day is coming up this weekend, so there is no better time to take recycling into your own hands. Yesterday’s post Green Tip: Make it easy to recycle your batteries was my inspiration today. We can make it easy to recycle more than batteries.

Setup recycling centers around your home, next to or nearby regular trash cans. I have 2 inside recycling stations.

  1. I keep a basket next to our garbage in the kitchen, since 99% of our recycling comes from food packaging. We empty the bin into our city’s recycling bin when the garbage gets emptied.
  2. In our office, I bought 2 small trash cans and put a recycling sign on one of them. This office recycling station is super convenient to recycle papers and junk mail.

Our bin the city picks up accepts limited types of recycling, so I have to drop-off some recycling myself. I have 3 of these more recycling stations. When they get full, I load the bin in my car and drop if off during other errands. I guess I find it ironic to waste a whole bunch of gas on the way to recycle something.

  1. You can read more about my plan for batteries here.
  2. I keep an aluminum recycling bin in the garage. There is a local steel company that will accept aluminum and actually pay a small price for it.
  3. I also keep a glass recycling bin in the garage. I’ve found a handful of places around town that have a glass receptacle.

The hope is to set our homes up to make it so convenient, that recycling just happens without a ton of effort. Plan to be successful!

Anyone else have any recycling tips to share? Do you have any plans for earth day this week?


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8 thoughts on “Make Recycling Convenient

  1. We love to recycle at our house too! In addition to hauling materials out for recycling, we do a lot of reusing and repurposing. I keep any office paper with a blank back for scratch paper or for kids artwork and even use it in the printer when appropriate. We also save plastic and cardboard containers (after cleaning them, of course) for crafts, school projects, taking food to go, gardening pots, and lots of other diverse uses. I keep a plastic tub full of egg cartons, cardboard tubes, round oatmeal and salt boxes and other interesting shapes just for fun projects.

  2. I save a lot of odds and ends from the trash as well. Tubs for sending people home with food, jars for organizing nails, screws, and buttons, and try to recycle as much as possible. It hurts me to throw things away that I know are destined for a landfill.

  3. I have recycling set up in the garage. I have the frosted white flip lid stackables from IKEA called SORTERA I also have the little bin with a handle called RATIONELL, but now we have the garage it will be relegated to the glass. Recycling used to be easy at our old house… we didnt have to separate anything and they took glass. Our new house is in a different county and they are pickier. No glass …luckily there is a transfer station nearby that takes it. Having the garage and mudroom right off the kitchen helps keep it out of the way. I do reuse some of the chipboard packaging for crafty projects like ATCs and stuff like that. Our garbage can is smaller too because it’s still manually picked up, not the fancy picker upper truck…oddly the recycling has the big can and that truck is the fancy one. I’ve always recycled but now it’s motivation to keep our trashcan light.

    1. We have a picky recycle pickup too. I always find it crazy that we don’t have to sort it. It is hard to just throw it all in together!

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