Organic Garden: Can We Do It?

Crazy us. We are going to try gardening. Again. We’ve been down this road before … and never really gotten anywhere. But try, try again! We will one day have green thumbs, even if I have to spray paint over the black myself.

To add to the insanity of our attempt, we are going to try to go organic. Our only hope is that we are following right along with Mel and all of his advice in his Square Foot Gardening book.

Over many days this past week, we built the raised bed, attached fabric to the bottom, and made Mel’s mix to fill the garden bed. And then finally, last night we added plants.

I think it is obvious from the girls’ expressions in the picture above that we are really serious about this! Oh my. Good intentions count for something, right?

ANY and ALL advice will be appreciated! Are you growing a garden this year? That’s a pretty fantastic week of Earth Day activity, right?


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2 thoughts on “Organic Garden: Can We Do It?

  1. Tried to do this last year and I killed every single plant and herb. Figure I’ll give it a few years before I try again. :P

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