Pinterest Made: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Remember when “googling” became a verb? Now “pinning” is a word I use in every day conversations with my friends. “Pinterest said this and Pinterest said that.” “I saw this on Pinterest or this should be on Pinterest.”

The organizer in me loves Pinterest. It is an organized way of filing things we want to remember from the Internet. Pinterest is just awesome. Unfortunately not all the things I’ve made from Pinterest are awesome. I’ve had mix results with my project attempts. Some really good and some really bad.

Checkout my Pinterest boards. I also have a Pinterest Made board where I collect pins I’ve tried. Here are some of my Pinterest inspired projects:

This Shepherd’s Pie was delicious. It had a slightly different flavor than the kind we traditionally eat, but I’d make it again for variation. The original idea was to put it in a small mason jar, but I converted it to these little ramekins. Single serving mini-pies. I think in little ramekins might be the only way I ever make Shepherd’s Pie again, because it took less time to cook and everyone loved having their own little dish.

Fruit on a skewer as party food. Yes, yes, yes. Looked pretty, tasted good, and didn’t ruin any of my friends diets. Pins like this sometimes make me wonder why I didn’t think of it first. But I didn’t, I would have never done this in a million years if I didn’t see it on Pinterest.

FAIL: Do not look at a pin on Pinterest of green onions growing in a mason jar and assume you can take your green onions and plop them into a mason jar. They wilted within an hour.

FAIL: The worst tasting French onion soup of all time. To the credit of the originator of this recipe, I’m pretty sure it was all my fault. Still – Yuck.

This might be one of my favorite ideas from Pinterest ever, because it completely rocked for my girls. Happy kids = Happy mom

This Valentine heart garland was an awesome sewing project for my girls. This really helped them get comfortable with their sewing machine. And they are also really good at cutting out hearts now.

The domino math activity from Pinterest was a really fun family project. We’ll probably do it again soon!

Are you having fun on Pinterest? Feel free to link up to your Pinterest page or any of your Pinterest projects in the comments below or post pictures to our Facebook page! I want to see what you’ve done!

Happy pinning!


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