Find your Organizing WHY!

When you get organized, you will have more spare time. Do you realize this?! When you organize your home and your life, you create efficiencies that save time!

For example, there is a mom who is always having to drive stuff to her children’s school because the kids are always forgetting things at home. Let’s be conservative and say that this happens to this mom 2 times a week. Each trip takes at least 30 minutes (gather the item, drive to school, walk the item in, and drive home). If there was a system in place so the child brought everything to school, that alone could save that mom 1 hour a week. ONE WHOLE HOUR!!

I’m just going to say it: the same people who tell me they do not have time to get organized are the same people who are wasting hours and hours in their week because they are disorganized.

Personally, even when my house is at its worst state of messiness (maybe after a holiday weekend?), I know it will take me a few hours to clean my entire house. Because everything has a place to go and my children know how to help, it doesn’t feel overwhelming to tidy up. And to maintain a clean home, it takes about 20 minutes a day. When things are already tidy and there isn’t stuff all over the floor, it isn’t a big deal to dust or vacuum. Organization saves me hours every week, and in a lot more ways than house-cleaning. Keep reading this blog and I will share all my tips with you! {Subscribe on the sidebar!}

What would you do with a few extra hours each week? Would you spend more time with your kids? Read more? Get back into a hobby you thought you’d never have time for again? These answers become your WHY for getting and staying organized. Work with me and I will help you find extra time in your life for whatever you choose.

What do I choose? Reading! I love to read and this is how I reward myself for saving time in other ways. I read about a book a week. Last week I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which is now one of my favorite books of all time. I can’t wait for some time to pass so the details can get fuzzy and I will read it again.

This week I am reading Pride & Prejudice again. This is an annual love affair I have, because after about a year, the details get mixed together and I find myself wondering how Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy will find each other again!

My WHY is very motivating to me, because getting lost in a book is my renewal. Find your WHY, and let it be your inspiration to get organized. Organization will help every aspect of your life, that is why it matters so much!


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