Back from Va-cay!

Our vacation was a 2 day, 20+ hour drive to Utah, visit with family and friends (never enough time to see everyone!), the wedding, and then a 2 day, 20+ hour drive home to Arkansas. Whoa.

The girls really enjoyed the pizza lunch-ables on our drive. It was such a novelty since they had never had them before – sure to become a road trip favorite.

Wyoming has pretty good rest stops with huge rocks to climb. Wyoming needed good rest stops, since there wasn’t much else we saw!

We arrived at my Grandma’s house and the girls were going up and down on the stair lift within minutes of being there.

We took some time out at our alma mater. We told the girls they could pick out a t-shirt from the bookstore and they picked out cheerleading outfits. Fine with us!

One day we got our own private showing at BYU’s planetarium since Matt’s brother Adam is getting his PhD now and runs the planetarium. We have a little space lover (she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up) and loves everything about space. She enjoyed every second of the show!

And so did her twin sister, who loves space too, but just isn’t as vocal about it “and isn’t sure yet what she wants to be when she grows up, but maybe an artist.”

There was also a ‘little’ family reunion. I love my husband’s family and extended family! What an awesome group of people!

And here is my little family at the wedding reception in Aunt Mary’s beautiful backyard. What a beautiful day!

And then we drove home without pictures, because we were just so excited to get home. I love sleeping on my mattress!!

It was a great vacation, but I am glad we’re home and I’ve got some super-awesome things planned for this blog. Good things to come!


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