How To Clean Jacuzzi Tubs

I love a good soak in the tub! Winter or summer, if I need to relax at the end of the day, I end up in my tub! While I am relaxing, I don’t want to have to worry about all the germs and bacteria that are relaxing with me. Luckily for me and you, it is rather simple to clean out the jets in your jacuzzi tub.

This topic is personal to me, because my Dad was once hospitalized for a very serious infection. My Dad believes that the serious infection in his leg was caused by taking a soak in his jacuzzi tub when he had an open wound in his leg. We had lived in that house for many years and it had never occurred to any of us that the jacuzzi tub could be accumulating dangerous bacteria. That was a scary experience for my family, and I want to help anyone and everyone avoid such a terrible experience. Trust me, the water jets are the perfect place to store lots of harmful and dangerous bacteria!

The quick and easy, but effective way to clean your jacuzzi tub:

1) Fill up your tub past the jets.

2) Add 6 Tablespoons of Basic G. Basic G is a safer and more effective alternative to bleach when you want to annihilate germs, plus you don’t have to worry about a little spill ruining your favorite bath mat. Bleach is one of the most harmful substances out there! To order Basic-G for your family, shop Here.

3) Add 6 scoops of Dishwasher Detergent. When used in a dishwasher, Shaklee’s dishwasher soap requires no pre-rinsing and everything comes out looking new. Imagine what it can do to get the grime off all through your water jets! Shaklee’s Dishwasher Automatic Detergent is a safer alternative to chemical-filled choices. To order some for your family, shop Here.

4) Let the jets run for about 10 minutes. Keep an eye on it so the bubbles don’t get out of hand!

5) If any debris has collected at the top, use your kitchen wire strainer to pull it off. If you clean your jets regularly, you may not run into any debris at the top. If you are cleaning it for the first time in a long time or ever, expect some yuckiness to emerge.

6) Let the water out and shine up your tub with a good microfiber cloth.

7) Maintain a clean tub in between jet cleanings with Basic H concentrate. Depending on how often you use your tub, clean out your jets 1-2 times a year. You’ll want to give them a good wipe down with Basic H every 1-2 weeks if used regularly. To order some Basic H, shop Here.

See? That wasn’t so bad! Now, get to it!

Happy bath-tubbing!


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12 thoughts on “How To Clean Jacuzzi Tubs

  1. Mary, I love this! Question for you though – does this method remove the unsightly, discolored hard water stains from inside and around the jets? I have a hard time scrubbing those hard water stains off because they are inside the jets and crevices surrounding the jets. I’ve tried vinegar and a toothbrush – to no avail. :(

  2. I too would love to know the same as Jessika, as I clean my tub regularly as we use it a lot, so I clean it often. But, I can’t seem to get those stains off next to the jets. I’ve even used a hig powered steamer for cleaning and scrubbed them, but I’m thinking they need to soak overnight as they’re actually hard water residue and build-up that has stained. I’m convinced it will come off, but what’s the solution?

  3. I rarely use the tub and was just thinking I need to clean it to use it again! I’ve never used the products your suggesting and may give it a try!! I really need to deep clean the tub…

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