Protect Your Family From The Sun Safely

I have something to confess. And I’m not proud of it. At the beginning of May, the low-priced sunscreen at the grocery store tempted me. It is that kind you can just spray right on the children at the pool, which sounded so easy to use, I gave in and bought it. Fast forward a few weeks to our first day at the neighborhood pool. I sprayed the girls up and sprayed myself, noticing while I sprayed how it was impossible not to inhale it while applying. But that wasn’t the worst of it, the worst part was the splotchy sunburn we all had, here and there, wherever the lotion didn’t stick very well. It was hard to witness my babies’ first sunburn and feel totally responsible! This is where the real confession comes in, but I’m admitting it to save someone else my pain and shame! Crazy me, I used the sunscreen a second time, and was much more careful. One of my girls still ended up with a burn on her face. Ugh! And another crazy thing, after the second use, the bottle was empty, which makes that sunscreen a lot more expensive than it seemed!

So now, I’ve officially made the change to where I needed to start in the first place. Enfuselle’s all-natural, paraben free, completely safe sunscreen. It is a lotion, so I can really control the coverage for all of us. It doesn’t take much, so it lasts a long time! The difference has been phenomenal! Not only are we burn free, we are also safe from all the chemicals I was exposing us too. Now it will be a safer summer for my family!

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Happy summer-ing! Stay safe!


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