My Master Bathroom

Recently you really enjoyed seeing my kitchen, my bedroom, and my garage!  Want another peek into my home?  Today I’m showing you my bathroom. You will find bright happy colors interlacing through each room in my home – except my master bathroom. Take a look for yourself.

 Hello there!  Here is our mirror, framed and trimmed.

Double sinks. Pretty simple, just the way I like it.

I found this tray in the dishes section, but the flat nature lends itself nicely to a bathroom vanity tray. My favorite thing here, though, is my stack of wash cloths. Every night when I wash my face, I use a new wash cloth. I love the feeling of being at a spa in my home! (And I wipe the counters after I dry my face, which keeps the counters clean too.)

I like soap at each sink, because I want us to have a choice to wash our hands on either side.

My makeup stool. I move this in front of my makeup drawer and sit while I do my makeup every day. I’m all about the small, simple daily luxuries!

When I saw the pearl & metal art at the store, I immediately envisioned it above my soaking tub. It draws my focus while I relax and helps me unwind. I’m all about soaking in the jacuzzi tub – no matter the season!

I have a thing about white towels in the master bathroom. It is all about the spa feeling! (And it is easy to add towels in and take used towels out without a major towel change expense all at once.)

The bathroom is the most useful place for a good clock.

This hamper has a washable insert and is only for towels and wash cloths. I wash our towels separately.

The toilet room. Fancy.

The entrance to our shower. There is no door or shower curtain necessary. Liberating!

3M hooks hold up our towels in the shower entryway.

Her Shower

His Shower

That’s right, 2 shower heads! This is so convenient. Our showers do not have to be perfectly timed or sequenced – we each just do our thing in the morning. Plus, this is the easiest shower to clean ever. It never looks dirty, which is nice!

Speaking of cleaning the bathroom, I cleaned my bathroom before I took these pictures (of course I did!) and I was brave enough to do it all wearing my new favorite dark jeans. That is because I don’t clean with any bleach products or anything that would ruin my clothes! I’ve only ever used nontoxic, safe options when cleaning this bathroom, and it works so well for me! (Buy a starter Get Clean kit today from my shop HERE!)


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18 thoughts on “My Master Bathroom

  1. Your bathroom is lovely! I like all the neutral spa-like colors. I actually never thought about putting a big clock like that in the bathroom and it’s a great idea!

    Also, just a note about using the Basic G (is that the right name? Can’t remember off the top of my head!!) when cleaning the bathroom. If you are at all worried about norovirus (stomach virus), you should use something else. I assumed Basic G killed norovirus but when I used it to clean up when my son was sick and everyone else still got sick, I called Shaklee. Turns out that is one of the few things it is’t registered for! It seems to be effective on pretty much everything else!

    1. Thanks for the note about the norovirus. That virus sounds unpleasant! Just as an FYI, Shaklee’s Basic G is known to kill 31 pathogens while Lysol only kills 9. While I truly wish it would have worked in your situation, it is still the most effective germacide out there!

      Thanks for the comments! I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. :)

  2. Where did you find the soap holders?? They would be perfect for our new bathroom…love oil rubbed bronze!!! Your bathroom is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. I found you through Tidy Mom. I like your bathroom. The shower is unlike any I’ve seen. Is it very small? The entrance makes it seem like it would be claustrophobic, but the other photos are pretty much my ideal shower!

    1. The entrance is narrow, but the interior shower is HUGE. Way less claustrophic than something with a door or curtain. :)

  4. Still love your gray granite. Love the idea of using your nightly washcloth to wipe down the counters. I think this post has motivated me to stop reading blog posts and go clean my bathroom, lol.

  5. I love love LOVE your bathroom! I love the simplicity yet functionality. You didn’t go overboard with exorbitant decorations (which makes it totally doable for me), yet it is still beautiful to look at. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I can’t really get further back because of the wall. Both shower heads spray to the middle and there is just enough space from the doorway that water doesn’t spray out.

  6. Love it! We have very similar tastes… we just built a house about a year and a half ago too! Just one question… Where do you keep your tooothbrushes and toothpaste?

    1. I have electric toothbrushes that are on a stand and the toothpaste is in the top middle drawer. They toothbrushes were in the kitchen getting washed when I took this picture.

  7. Beautiful bathroom!!!
    Do you have hard water? If so, how do you keep your oil rubbed bronze fixtures free of water stains? If not, please share how you clean them. We are renovating our bathroom and are going with the same color fixtures. Love it!

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