Antique Table Re-do

My dad says he remembers when his Mom, my grandma, got this table. He remembers it as some of the furniture of his childhood. My dad is pretty much as sentimental as they come, so it was meaningful for him to have this table in our home growing up. So of course, I remember it also as some of the furniture of my childhood. (I’m kind of sentimental too.) My mom, who is not sentimental (understatement), has been decorating their new home in Texas and this table was not a part of her vision. Last fall I was chatting with my mom while shopping and told her I was looking for a round table to be part of a little vignette I was creating in my living room. Well, as luck would have it – I would actually be doing my mom a service if I wanted my grandma’s round table, because that was going to make it so much easier for my sentimental father to let go of it. Her plan worked and my dad was happy to give it to me. I got a round table with character and no cost and my parents got what they wanted – win/win!

They came for Thanksgiving and brought my table with them. For months I let it sit as is, but once I got the curtains up in my living room, I saw the table needed new life. And I wanted to give it some!

What gives furniture new life even better than a good cleaning? PAINT!! And I love color. If you’ve seen some of my home tours, like My Kitchen, you know I love color. I chose blue. Yeah, blue!

I did the project on the edge of my garage. I wanted to be out of the wind, but close to natural light and warmth for quick-drying. I washed down and let it dry well. Then, I attacked that baby with spray paint. Lots and lots of spray paint. 2 cans on one small round table. There were so many spindles and I wanted the bottom blue too, plus it needed 2-3 light coats.

After the spray paint dried, I antiqued the entire thing. Antiquing is so easy. I did it similar to how I made the Antiqued Silhouette Boards. Basically, I used a rag and wiped glaze all over the table. Then I used a clean rag (at least it was clean for 1 second before I started) to wipe excess glaze off. The glaze made a huge difference. It toned down the blue, so it wouldn’t look like it was meant in a little boy’s bedroom.

Here is my little vignette-in-progress, because I am still decorating my living room! (And I noticed after I posted this picture that my kids removed the throw pillows from the chairs. Go ahead and just picture the same throw pillows from above. If you have kids, you probably understand that throw pillows are never where they’re supposed to be!):

What do you think? Much better? If you don’t think so, let me live in denial, because I love it!


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22 thoughts on “Antique Table Re-do

  1. I like how the blue ties it into the room. Are the spindles meant to be used like book ends, and books stored on the bottom level? It’s cool looking, whatever it’s use.

  2. I won’t be storing books on them, but I suppose that could be a use. The round table actually spins around. Pretty cool! I’ll end up keeping it empty or putting our family scriptures in there for scripture study.

  3. Oh, I love that table!! So unique! Great job on making her pretty again. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you again next week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. Oh my gosh, I so know what you mean about throw pillows! I think whoever started calling them “throw” was a parent. At my house the cushions would also be on the floor.
    I LOVE what you did with your Grandfather’s table! It is just the perfect mix of antique and modern.
    Thank you for linking up at Making Space Mondays! I hope to see you again next week. -Tabitha

  5. The results are beautiful. I’ve got a very old sewing caddy which belonged to my Grandma and it desperately needs some loving updating, but its sentimental value means I’m scared of messing up! Posts such as this are just what I need to pluck up the courage to try spray painting it.

  6. I absolutely love when furniture gets passed down rom generation to generation. Your table is so wonderful and interesting. I’ve never seen one like it! I love how you choose a bold color for it and it looks fantastic with your curtains. I’m now following you.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. I have a similar table. We were going to make it a table to hold kids games with Chalkboard paint. I love the blue. Maybe we could do blue chalkboard paint. ;)

  8. I think the blue is a vast improvement, and I didn’t realise antiquing was so easy. It really ties in the whole look of that corner of your living room. And despite the throw cushions being missing, I’m amazed your house looks so tidy when having kids!

  9. I have an antique table that was given to my parents when they married over 50 years ago by a very dear friend. She said it was her mothers and was always in their home when she was growing up. It has to be over 100 years old. It needs a little care. It has tons of littles grooves also. I was thinking of stripping and restaining it but I may just see if my hubby will let me paint it. Excited to get started on it now ( after my decluttering challenge) ;-)

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