Cleaning Tools For Kids

I’ve told you some of the chores my kids do and how I organize their chores, but how do I make some of these jobs manage-able for my little people?

The right tools! The following are the tools I let my kids use, along with how they use them.

Cleaning the bathroom floor:

I’m actually shocked by the amount of litter that accumulates on the floor in my children’s bathroom in a week’s time. I put a little brush and dustpan in their cleaning supplies bucket upstairs. This makes sweeping up the floor in their bathroom an easy chore to do. After they sweep, I ask them to take a wet wash cloth and wipe the tile by hand. This might seem like a big job, but there isn’t that much tile in there, since rugs cover a lot of the floor. This is easier than having them haul a broom, vacuüm, or mopping supplies upstairs.

Vacuuming the upstairs:

One of the perks of a central vac is how the vacuüm can shrink down child-size. You get really awesome suction in a tiny vacuüm. This makes my children love vacuuming!


My girls learning to effectively sweep is saving my sanity this summer. Whenever they eat a snack, they get crumbs everywhere! Instead of being annoyed with sweeping 500 times a day, I love saying “sweep up after you’re done!” The problem with small children using regular-sized brooms is that the long handle can end up causing more damage hitting things. That is why we cut the end off of a real broom. They get to use an effective broom and all of my breakables are left in tact. Everyone’s happy!

Clean up the shoes in the mud area:

This job entails organizing the shoes in our mud area and vacuuming out the debris with a hand-vac. My girls love using the hand-vac and our shoe area gets to stay mostly-tidy. (Updated October 2012 – I’ve been emailed a lot about my hand-vac brand. This is an Electrolux and it is the best I’ve used, but I am not consumer reports and did not test out all the options. I’m just happy with this one.)

Clean the bathroom and windows:

Over a year ago, before I switched to Shaklee, I had to shew my kids out of the bathroom every time I needed to clean it. I couldn’t stand the thought of them breathing in those awful chemicals. It was also hard to think of the chemicals lingering on surfaces after I cleaned – but I didn’t know any other way. Since I switched all of my household cleaners over to Shaklee, my kids can clean anything I can clean. (Except toilets, I have a hang-up there – I want my kids a little older before I pass them a toilet brush!) My girls have a cleaning bucket upstairs with completely safe and effective cleaners to use when they are doing chores. They also have access to my cleaning bucket, which contains the same things as theirs, when they help out downstairs. {Purchase the awesome cleaning kits HERE.}

I think the right tools are just as important for adults too! Want to know what I use?



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8 thoughts on “Cleaning Tools For Kids

  1. I’m totally getting another broom and cutting off the handle!! The “kids” brooms that you can buy at toys stores just don’t cut it when you make the transition from playing to cleaning. Thanks for another great idea!!!

  2. love this! my little girl isn’t quite at the helping stage yet, but i’m so excited to have her help! right now she just takes rags and scrubs the floor with me or puts a few toys away while i’m cleaning (she’s 14 months). can’t wait to make her a little broom :-)

  3. I love seeing children learning to clean house! That will make their lives so much easier as adults. My little girl has a red vacuum all her own that sits in the corner of her room. It’s just the right size and light weight.

  4. Good points, especially the broom one! At ages 5 and 8, my kids are both on the edge of learning how to do chores and being truly helpful with them. They have mastered some of the easy stuff (sorting laundry, dusting, unloading most of the dishwasher) and I’m now needing to figure out how to work them into some of the bigger chores and these tips will certainly help with that!

  5. Great tips! I’m working on getting my 4yr old to really help out in the cleaning. She’s a great picker upper and organizer already. Yeah! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  6. Nice! I love how they have their own bucket of supplies and you don’t have to worry about them handling anything harmful! This is a great idea!

  7. Love these tips. I think Tate would probably love using a hand vac, too! Would you recommend the one you have? Do you think it has enough suction to clean up crumbs from the kitchen?

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