Oh, Baby.

This March, I started this blog, took my organizing business public, and started my Shaklee business. There were a lot of behind the scene reasons for that particular timing. We had hoped for a new baby for a very long time and throughout the fall and winter I had undergone fertility help. Infertility is a roller-coaster, with particular emotional highs and lows every month. After prayer and consideration, we decided to leave it alone, officially “moved on”, and focused on loving the children we felt so blessed to have in our family.

In March, my new business (organizing/blog/Shaklee) gave me something awesome to focus on, instead of dwelling on all of my babies going to elementary school in the fall. And I’ve loved every second of helping people change their lives with organization, blogging, and sharing Shaklee.

In April, I sold or gave away all of my remaining baby items. Seeing the baby stuff stored at the top of closets was only a painful reminder.

Is it any wonder that in May I learned that I was pregnant?! To say we are ecstatic is a complete understatement. We are so so so so so so so so happy!!!!

I am having so much fun making plans for the new baby. Rooms will need be rearranged, furniture moved around and more purchased, and lots of organizing needs to happen. The lists have officially started. This is technically the 2nd list I made. The first list was written by 6-year-old, Michelle. She approached me “Mom, I think we should make a list of everything we’ll need for the new baby so we don’t forget anything.” I about cried from pride (or, maybe hormones?)!

I’m so excited to share our progress as we await the arrival of baby #4 next January.

Oh happy day!



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20 thoughts on “Oh, Baby.

  1. Mary, I am so so thrilled and excited for you!!! What a wonderful blessing! I have a very nice baby swing if you’d like it. Congratulations! :-D

  2. So SO happy for you. Can’t wait to meet the little one!! It’s funny how the timing of babies can never be truly planned for…we’ve had some experience with the babies coming sooner than expected. I know you’ve been wanting this for so long and so I am just so glad it finally worked out!!!

  3. Congratulations! I wish you all the best for a happy healthy pregnancy and baby.

    I would love another baby, but It is not likely to happen in this life time. My first baby died and then my fear of losing another one was too strong. We finally decided we would try again (apprehensively) then my husband found out he had cancer and decided to postpone it. Now it is too late as he went to join our daughter. This week is angel day and our wedding anniversary… anyway, sorry for highjacking, I saw the part at the bottom where you were offering your support for those wishing to have a baby. Congratulations again.

  4. Yippee!!!!! I know you’ve been so anxious for another baby and you certainly deserve one. What a lucky baby to have such a talented and doping mother as you! Those girls will ADORE a new baby in the house – it’s so much fun with older children. Tell everyone in the house congrats for us!

  5. Awesome news. Love these kinds of stories. And don’t think it is just hormones–my 4 yr old asked if she could “organize” the playroom and I squealed with delight. Music to my ears. I get it. :)

  6. I’m so thrilled for you, Mary! I’ll have to send you an unsolicited list I’m making for Sarah of my favorite baby items.

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