Organic Garden Update

Back in May, I shared with you that we were trying to garden organically. We’ve never been successful at gardening in the past, but I guess we are gluttons for punishment, because we keep trying again and again.



We have eaten from our garden.



*screaming and cheering*

I know, I know, stop it already. I mean, it is absolutely impressive, of course.

One bonus is that we didn’t spray any pesticides or weed-i-cides (that should be a real word). A couple of times I let my kids take our Basic H spray bottles out there and spray whatever they wanted. I read that it helps gardens, so maybe that was our luck? Basic H is nontoxic, organic, and what I use to wash produce from the store, and is just as safe for growing plants.

It is also slightly miraculous considering we often forgot to water the garden, which is probably why half of the garden died. Not dwelling on that … just leaves a little room for improvement for next year. Oh yes, there will be a garden next year!

Want to see our beautiful, amazing, one of a kind, inspirational garden?

Okay, maybe that was a bit anticlimactic, but it is such a big step for us. I mean, we’ve eaten from a garden!! How many times have we gardened and not ever harvested anything … as in ANYTHING? Too many times! Here is some of the awesome-ness.

I really wish my pregnancy cravings included squash, because that plant in particular is going crazy. So is the Basil!

Home-grown tomatoes are the best. No debate. All the red ones were eaten when this picture was taken. We can’t stop the girls from picking anything the second it is ready.

Green peppers are so expensive from the store, but growing plentifully in my garden!


My in-laws, who live in Las Vegas, also created an organic garden this year.

My father-in-law, Doug Johanson, said:

 “Attached are pictures of our two grow box gardens.

The one by the house, has bugs. We did not use Basic H early enough.

The other one, got Basic H sprays as soon as it was planted.”

Do you garden? Organically? Tell me all about it!

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8 thoughts on “Organic Garden Update

  1. Yea for finally eating from your labors! I just love that first taste of anything too. I had earwigs that devoured most of my garden this year. I too do organic and just could not keep them away… next year, next year :) Happy blogging, you site is beautiful.

  2. I had no idea the basic H could be used for gardening?!?! I’m gonna try it in our garden now too.

    We just started a garden this year and have not used any pesticides or sprayed anything on the plants besides water, for that matter. So I guess we are doing it organically. I’ve been holding on to all our fruit and veggie scraps and then burying them in our garden. It seems to help A LOT! Our plants are going crazy!

  3. We, too, have actually eaten something we grew from seeds this year! A few tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Not much but it’s an awesome feeling! Thanks for sharing your garden with us!

  4. Each year we add a little more to the garden. This year, we seemed to be doing awesome, then the squash bugs invaded, and the double heat wave, and my lack of commitment from being lots of pregnant just turned it all down hill. We do organic as well, and it’s taking a toll. Luckily I learned even more this year to help with the organic gardening. I still have yellow beam pear tomatoes growing enthusiastically, but everything else is done. I really wanted to start learning to fall garden, but this pregnancy has already made up my mind. Next year for sure!

  5. Yay, congrats! I love harvesting fresh garden veggies. We have a cucumber plant that has grown to fill one entire bed, and now the walkway between two beds. Seriously overproducing. I wish you lived closer so we could swap produce (and baby clothes!). Maybe I missed it, but where’s your cilantro? I can’t believe you wouldn’t be growing any.

    Now, I’m no expert gardener, but I have read that if you trim back your basil when it starts to flower, it will produce more leaves and grow fuller. It’s pretty hard to stay on top of it though, once it does start to flower. I’m thinking about training Tate to get out there with the safety scissors! I have about 10 big bushy basil plants, so I am going to have to make tons of pesto! Tate likes to pick tomatoes when they’re still orange or green if I’m not watching closely, so at least your girls have learned to let it ripen.

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