The Freezer Incident

I remember when I was pregnant with my twins, my first babies, Matt and I talked about our impending parenthood. I remember it vividly. We talked about how our kids were going to be kids and ruin things in our home. We braced ourselves to expect scratched DVDs and broken glasses, and we agreed that we couldn’t live in fear of things not being perfect. When bad things would happen, we agreed to take deep breaths and move on, and not to take frustration over the little things out on our children.

Our children have tested on this again and again and again and again.

The recent experience, we’ll call The Freezer Incident.

A tiny person in our home tried to help me with something and unintentionally left the freezer door open in the garage. 2/3rds of the contents ruined. I took a deep breath, and calmly reminded my girls to always make sure to close the freezer. (I had my own little meltdown in private.)

Ugh. And then I was left to the cleanup. (The freezer looks extra dirty because I was pushing things around trying to figure out what was salvage-able.)

I waited until just before the garbage truck came to unload the spoiled stuff. I didn’t want to attract all the neighborhood wildlife!

Then, I approached the freezer with my Basic G Germicide and Basic H Degreaser and went to town. I was actually surprised how easy the cleaning went! My Shaklee cleaners did not let me down! Plus, I wasn’t breathing in any gross fumes. {Buy Basic G here (one bottle of concentrate makes 75 gallons of cleaner) and Basic H here (one bottle of concentrate replaces hundreds of bottles of other cleaners).}

I just spritzed both cleaners all over the interior and wiped it all down. On the spots thick with melted ickiness, I just sprayed a little extra and wiped it off. Easy peasy! I kept re-wetting my wash cloth with warm water, which helped too.

The whole thing took me about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Now if it only took me 10 minutes to make those freezer meals again and pick those fresh strawberries that we froze. Oh well … deep breaths and move on!


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One thought on “The Freezer Incident

  1. Ugh indeed. Does your freezer have a lock and key? This happened to us once growing up, and my dad decided we would always keep it locked from then on. The key was stored on top of the freezer. Sort of a pain, but it prevented any future mishaps.

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