Keep Sickness Away!

Keep Sickness Away

The new school year is starting next week here.  We live in a great community with good people and good schools. No matter how good, do you know what always comes with public schools? Public germs.

Around here, I take a few simple precautions to keep sickness away! These are simple and easy to start.

1) Wash and sanitize toothbrushes weekly. This is one of my kids’ chore sticks they do weekly. Someone brings the toothbrushes to the kitchen, where they get washed in my Dishwasher on the sanitize cycle. Toothbrushes get a daily collection of germs and bacteria. I’m sure you’ve heard of changing toothbrushes after you are sick . I believe in washing them once a week and avoid sickness in the first place! And this is the toothpaste we use to avoid fluoride. Buy it in Spearmint or Buy it in Wintergreen.

2) De-germ the doorknobs, light switches, and toilet handle in bathroom every week. Kids can do this too. Spray with a little Basic G and wipe off. This is extra important if you have kids in the house! Germs collect all over our house, but these places seem to collect more than their fair share, so giving them a once over each week is an easy precaution to take. (I use this large bottle of Basic G concentrate, which will probably last me my whole life.)

3) No shoes on in the house (for kids). We have a bit of a double standard in our house with this issue, but that is besides the point! Kids must take their shoes off in the house, but adults, well … whatever. Kids aren’t careful with where they step in the yard or the store, and the floors of public places are a cess-pool of grossness. Organizationally, it works out that my girls always take off their shoes at the same place, because their shoes don’t get lost and scattered throughout the house.

4) Take vitamin and mineral supplements regularly. In my opinion, this is the most important precaution! This builds the body’s defenses, so that when germs do come (and they will no matter how many precautions we take), the body can deal with the germs quickly. My kids take 2 vitamins every morning with breakfast and are very healthy little girls. I feel so blessed with their health and don’t want to take it for granted one bit! I just want to do all I can to help them continue on in good health. The same goes for me and my husband. We take our vitamins too! Make your vitamins a routine part of your day, so it becomes a habit you won’t forget. And just so you know, my vitamins all fit in that cute basket and stay right on my counter-top by where we eat breakfast, but I moved them in front for the picture. {Check out the vitamins HERE. My kids take the Incredivites and DHA chewables. My prenatal mix is 2 Vita-Lea, 2 B Complex, and 3 Omega Guards, though I take Vitalizer when not pregnant. Matt takes the Vitalizer for men. The Nutriferon is an immunity builder we take to avoid seasonal allergies and sickness.}

5) Wash bed linens regularly. Weekly is preferred, but at least every 2 weeks! Sometimes a clean house really helps have clean health, so why not? Plus, washing linens regularly helps keep our houses smelling fresh without the necessity of perfumes that just mask smells.

There you go – now you know my tricks to keeping my kids healthy, though between you and me, I still let them have a “sick day” every now and then. Everyone needs a break!

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