We’re Changing Our Business Name!

I recently tried making homemade avocado sushi rolls for the first time.
The rice was crunchy and the rolls fell apart. I’ll keep trying.

Hello friends!  I’ve blogged here at Organization Matters for just over 4 months. I am still having a lot of fun and enjoying myself. I am learning a lot of new things about blogging and starting home businesses. Hopefully I never stop learning new ways to improve my business (and myself)!

While my business is still relatively young, there are a couple of changes I am making.

The biggest one is a new business name! That’s right!

My new business name is Mary Organizes. One of the many perks of the change is that MaryOrganizes.com was available for a decent price (as opposed to the $5,000 to buy the .com for Organization Matters). That isn’t the main reason for the change, however. I came to realize, with a little prompt from an unnamed source, that Organization Matters sounds a little … stuffy. And I am NOT stuffy. I am a lot of things, but stuffy isn’t one of them! I’m serious about organizing, but I don’t take myself too seriously. Mary Organizes sounds a little more fun and playful and besides, using my name in my business name fulfills some of my narcissistic tendencies. (Read my About Me.)

How will this affect the site? In addition to the new main URL of MaryOrganizes.com, I’ll slowly be changing all the places that use Organization Matters to Mary Organizes, including all the pictures. This could take a little while and could look funky in the process. Please be patient with these aesthetic changes. I’ll still be providing quality posts and tips in the meantime!

What does this change mean for those who want to keep following this blog? If you entered my blog into an RSS reader, like Google Reader, I’d appreciate you entering my new domain. I will continue to own my old domain and forward it to the new site, until the old one expires months from now. If you subscribe to this site via email, you shouldn’t have to change a thing! (Please do let me know if there is a glitch and you aren’t getting emails anymore!) Technically speaking my site is still the same and hosted in the same place, just with a new domain name, which means I get to keep all my users and comments and awesome things like that.

What does this change mean for those who like this site on Facebook? You will see a new name show up in your Newsfeed when I post, because the page is the same – only the name will change. I’m still waiting on Facebook to approve the name change. If you haven’t subscribed to our Facebook page yet, now is the time. Like us on Facebook now!

Any other changes? Yep, I am having an awesome design team give this site a new look in the next few months. I’ll post more about that when the big design reveal happens. Also, I am changing how I watermark all the pictures on this site, which is probably not interesting to you at all. Especially if you are like my mom and don’t know what that even means. (Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll explain later, but just know it isn’t illegal.)

Now I just need to decide on a good tagline. Let me know what you think of these options.

Mary Organizes: where awesome things happen

Mary Organizes: where all your dreams come true

Mary Organizes: enter for your chance to win a million dollars

Mary Organizes: Organizing and Homemaking Tips and Tricks


Until next time,

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6 thoughts on “We’re Changing Our Business Name!

  1. Hey Mary. I am so glad that I found your blog. I was on another organizing blog and saw your link up as a professional organizer in Rogers, Arkansas. I live in Fort Smith. It is so nice to meet you.

    I am not sure if I need an organizer or a dumpster ;) Maybe someday I will let you see my garage and then you will know my dilemma. After 23 years of miliary life and 12 moves, we have finally purchased our first home. We moved in last October and needless to say I am a little overwhelmed. So maybe sometime we should talk. Bye for now.

    Maybe some day I will let you look in my garage and then you will see why, organizer or dumpster?

    After 23 years of military life and moving

  2. Hmm… looks like you were using a ripe avocado. Perhaps that’s part of the problem.

    Your tag lines crack me up.

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