Window Treatments In The Works

If you’re going to organize a room, why not make it pretty too? I like decorating. It feels like art to me, creating a mood and a look with arrangement, colors, and textures. Window treatments play an important role in the overall feel of any room.

At first I had reservations about covering the pretty trim work around our windows. However, the problem with the pretty trim work and wood blinds is that it can feel a little cold and barren. Window treatments soften a room and add warmth, and I want each room in my house to feel soft, warm, and inviting.  In the end, window treatments beat out the elaborate trim work.

To save on cost and have the freedom to choose any fabric I want, I make my own curtains. Adding a liner is the fanciest thing I’ve done with curtains. Other than that, it is all about sewing in straight lines: the kind of sewing I can handle.

I really love the little curtain hooks, because then I don’t even have to sew an opening for a curtain rod. Sometimes I still sew an opening for a curtain rod, it just depends on the look I’m going for (and how lazy I feel – let’s be honest).

In my kitchen I wanted to break up the big wall of windows, but not block any light. I bought extra fabric if there is any kind of spaghetti-flinging-incident on the dry clean only fabric I chose. I tied them up with leftover fabric from my master bedroom. {See my complete kitchen tour HERE.}

I chose fabric for my living room curtains that would bring the colors in the room together. These curtains are a bright spot in my life. I love them times a million. (And that leather chair is a recent addition, made necessary by my pregnancy. Right now I am sitting in that chair writing this post with my feet up and slightly reclined. Life is good.) {See more pics of my living room HERE.}

For my master bedroom, I knew I wanted blue damask, so that is what I searched for and found. I like floor-length curtains for rooms with tall ceilings. It seems to ground the room (I suppose, literally touching the ground …). {See the rest of my master bedroom HERE.}

I just added curtains in our office. I am working on a big office makeover and it will still be a few weeks until I finish, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the curtains. The picture does not do these any justice – they are navy blue BURLAP. Awesome, right?! The texture has a perfect office-y feel to it. {I’ve since posted the office reveal HERE.}

There are still lots of bare windows around the house, I’m just getting to them room by room as I decorate. Wouldn’t it be so boring if they were all made and hung? I mean, what would I have to spend my time thinking about? Right?

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14 thoughts on “Window Treatments In The Works

  1. Your curtains are beautiful! They warm up the rooms and make them polished.
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

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