Errand Treasure Hunt

[progress update: 23 weeks and it is a boy!!!!]

The other day I was out running errands and I couldn’t help but notice all the moms running errands with kids in tow. This year all of my kids are at school, so I find myself very free to run here and there and everywhere. It wasn’t always so easy to pack so much into a day. I remember the challenge of having a day full of places to go and keeping the kids happy for so many hours.

Organization Principle: The efficiency of running errands one day per week saves gas, trips to the store, and money. If you allow yourself one trip to the grocery store per week, you drastically cut down on splurge purchases! I notice that grouping my errands makes my other days seem simpler.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Before my kids started school, I remember trying to figure out how to make all the things I needed to do the next day work out smoothly. Then it came to me: make it a game for my kids! I made a treasure hunt map of all the places we needed to go, so the kids could have something to look forward to as we went along and marked the progress. I had a little treat planed for each place. They especially loved picking a lipstick sample at the department store! (And yes, this is a scanned copy of one of our real fun days, and no, our errand days were thankfully not always this busy.)

The Errand Treasure Hunt!!


Remember that your kids don’t care if you can’t draw well. They don’t know the difference! I mean, my kids are pretty sure I’m the most talented artist ever, and we can all see from this picture that their opinion might be biased.

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