Clean Scents: Make Your Own Room Spray

Does clean have a smell to you? I used to associate the smell of certain chemical cleaners with something being clean. I’ve now been using Basic H so long, I no longer expect clean to have a smell at all. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like pleasant, happy smells! I feel like now I get to have fun with making things smell good and get to make something smell however I want, which usually depends on my mood.

Essential oils are a great way to get smells you want without the chemical risk some room sprays create. Plus, some essential oils have powerful abilities to alter mood or feeling. Lavender is relaxing, Rose Otto helps is emotion leveling (4 females in one house, need I say more?), and Rosemary is activating. Sweet orange is my favorite smell right now. I want EVERYTHING to smell like orange. Maybe because I am craving orange juice?

Making my own room spray is so easy!

Clean Scents Recipe

  • 3/4 c. water, distilled is optional
  • 10 drops essential oil for fragrance, more or less to your liking
  • 2-3 drops Basic G, a safe for you and the environment deodorizer
You will need to shake this up each time you use it! The oil and water will separate in between uses.

Here is my little essential oil/ room spray collection on my laundry room counter. Some essential oils, like tea tree oil or Eucalyptus, are just for medicinal purposes in our house, not for smells just because of my preference. You use what you like!

The vanilla and rose are in the current hot seat for big spray bottles (I ran out of the little ones). These ones seem to make their way throughout the house and eventually land back in the laundry room. I doubled my recipe for the bigger size.

It’s also great to spray a little lavender smell on kids’ pillows at bedtime. Very calming!

To order Basic G for your recipe, visit my Shaklee Shop HERE. I use a dropper bottle with my Basic G, because the Basic G bottle is so big and it only takes such a tiny amount. {The 20 oz. spray bottle of Basic G only uses 3/4 teaspoon Basic G concentrate and water! And all my ‘recipes’ that use Basic G only use a tiny amount. Pretty sure this concentrate will last me a very long time.}


Happy smells to you,

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11 thoughts on “Clean Scents: Make Your Own Room Spray

  1. Thanks for this post. I have been wanting other ways to make som fragrances for the house to smell good as I clean or just needs a quilck spitz in the air. I have not heard of Shaklee so will be checking that out. Wonder if it would be safe to put in my Shark Floor Steamer lol.
    That is about the only that that bothers me when I steam clean my floors is there is not smell from the steam when you are used to smelling something when u mop ha ha.

  2. i love these homemade house scents. so easy to make. and yes if you just spray it on things like potpourri or special type of ‘stone’, the smell lingers beautifully.

    orange is mood lifting and energizing. kind of like vitamin C for the soul. It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing it on our blog at the Wednesday linky party!

  3. Hi Mary, Thanks for sharing. Where do you get your essential oils? May I please have an idea as to the price range as well? Thank you!

    1. I’ve been buying mine from the local health food stores. The prices vary per type of oil. But, you can get started on one like the orange one for around $5 and slowly get more. :)

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