Peekaboo – Life with Twins

I’ve mentioned before that my oldest children are twins: beautiful identical twin girls.

This month my big girls are on the cover of a local magazine. I also wrote a little article inside of the magazine. If you want to hear me admit to not knowing anything about babies when I had infant twins, read that article here. If you are local and can get your hands on a copy, there are a few more great pictures of my girls inside.

My girls are so excited about being on the cover of a magazine. To be honest, when I told them I really didn’t know how they’d react. They are a bit shy, so I was a little worried they would be kind of nervous. How wrong! Allison responded to the news: “We’re going to be famous!”

I have learned so much being the mom of twins! My experience has helped me learn why it’s so important to create organizational systems and methods that still work and are self-maintaining amidst difficult and busy schedules. Fancy organizing methods mean nothing if they don’t work under pressure!

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Have a great weekend! I’ll be changing out all the clothes in my kids closets and drawers this weekend. Anyone else?

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2 thoughts on “Peekaboo – Life with Twins

  1. can you please save a copy of the magazine for grandpa and grandma Bobo – we would love to see all the pictures!!!!

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