Happy Thanksgiving! (Baby Update)

Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many blessings on my mind right now. At the front of my thoughts is this baby I’m cooking up. Each phase of this pregnancy has had some challenges, but nothing I wouldn’t endure times a million for this bundle coming. Despite all the sickness and feeling like I don’t know what I’ll be able to do one minute to the next, we’ve had some pretty good times.

My girls love maternity shopping with me. They don’t want to miss a single bit of this baby thing. Michelle (7) told me she wanted to come to all of my doctor’s appointments so that she doesn’t miss the one where the baby comes. That took some explaining.

Here we are hanging around the house, you know, everyone holding their babies … mine isn’t usually the only one in the womb. Someone has a stuffed animal shoved up their shirt most of the time. I feel the camaraderie. We are in this together, after all.

On this late night, everyone was dressed in their jammies when a craving hit me. I didn’t know how to describe it to Matt and I didn’t feel well enough to drive, so we all came along to the store. While I was hunting the market for just the right food, Matt had the girls pick out flowers for me. I cried right there in the store. Pregnancy hormones + fresh flowers being delivered by a tiny Cinderella = tears.

This is me and the girls hanging out on a pretty typical evening. I’m grateful the arms of my recliner are big enough to feel like seats to my babies. And yes, I’ve told the little one that she is not an only child. She only theoretically knows. I should add that I’m happy for this blog to keep me busy and distracted for the hours I spend sitting in this recliner each day while my girls are at school or sleeping. Thank you for reading and subscribing and commenting!!!

And here I am when I had about 12 weeks left. Now I have about 8 weeks left, so picture me huge-er.

Baby Cougar doesn’t have much time left until we meet him. I am so excited! When my mom visited in October, she helped me get his closet in order. This closet is one of my happy places, I love to try to picture him wearing everything and I have to touch the soft blankets over and over again. What is he going to look like? Ack! I can’t wait!!

This Thanksgiving we have Matt’s sister Carrie and her new husband James coming to visit. It should be a fun weekend with good food and good company. I’m so glad to have some help cooking, because if Matt were my only helper, we’d probably end up having French Toast for Thanksgiving.

When I’m gathered around the table with my loved ones tomorrow, I will remind them that they are my biggest blessing. I think they already know, though, because I cry when they hand me flowers or bring me a cup of water when I’m too weak or sing a song at my tummy or do all the dishes for months, and I tell them that my tears are happy ones, because I feel so grateful for them.

Love and Thanksgiving blessings,

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