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I love talking about organizing done for and by children. I am a mom to three girls, with a baby boy due in January. I love being a mom! Of course, I also love organizing, so when I can intertwine the two, I am happy happy. This must be how my husband feels when our children get into watching BYU sports with him. As our Allison said “Dad, I know you love BYU a lot, but I know you love me even more.”  As a mom, I love sharing things I love with my kids. It is so rewarding to see our children enjoy the things we do.

Organizing kid spaces can be the trickiest, because it requires to most straight-forward design of all. You can jumble up your adult spaces a bit (I don’t recommend it, but still, you can sometimes get away with it), but you can not jumble up kid spaces and expect them to keep it up well. Just like you probably don’t talk to your young children like you do your spouse or adult friends, children’s spaces need to be organized at their level.

Today I am sharing with you some more of my kids spaces. The thing each of these spaces have in common is that they are maintained by my children. That is right! Tidying up these spaces are jobs on their chore sticks and get done once a week. (Read about chores sticks HERE – I just updated that post). I occasionally inspect, but I do not go in and do it myself. I did not touch a thing before taking these pictures!

The week before school started, we spent a few hours cleaning up the game closet under the stairs. It was actually kind of fun, because we stopped and made sure each game and puzzle had all its pieces, which meant we got to do a lot of puzzles together. I join in on these big organizing projects, so I can teach and show how to maintain.

Voila! How my young children keep up the closet –

This is the same “what-not basket” I describe in THIS POST. The contents always vary.

This is our shelf of children’s books. They have a very complicated system of organizing by type and title. Sometimes it bothers me visually, because I just want to go in and organize it by book size, but like I said, I let them maintain these spaces and try not to get all “crazy” with it. They seem to have a crazy that is all their own.

You can see the original way we organized the art basket in THIS POST. Recently I found those little bins in the dollar section at Target and thought my girls would like them better. I was right. Isabelle made it her after school project to get it all organized into these bins when I showed them to her. My five-year-old organizing prodigy loved every minute of organizing. All the children seem to enjoy using it and don’t have a problem tidying when it is there turn.

 My soapbox ~~ Please don’t turn your kids over to a big, messy black hole of disorganization (even if you feel they created the madness on their own) and say “clean this”: that sets them up to fail and HATE cleaning and organizing. I’m sorry, but I just really have to share this, because I get squeamish every time I hear someone yell at their kids “CLEAN YOUR ROOM”, but the entire house is just a big mess and just like the parents don’t seem to know where to start, either do the kids! Your kids being clean and organized STARTS WITH YOU! ~~ rant over.

How do you organize your kid spaces?

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3 thoughts on “Organizing Kid Spaces

  1. I can’t believe I haven’t seen your site before! I love organizing, though our house is often messy. I help my son organize by sorting “like” toys into plastic shoe boxes that are color-coded. P.S. I love your line, “They seem to have a crazy that is all their own.”

  2. Hi Mary, thanks so much for linking up at last week’s Thriving on Thursday linky party. I’m forever trying to come up with organising solutions for my kids and failing. I love this idea. I’m featuring it at this week’s party. Do hope to see you again.

    Anne xx

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