Storing Seasonal Decorations

One thing I’ve learned helping many different types of clients, is that everyone has a different comfort level with clutter. I think this directly relates to the amount of holiday and seasonal decorations you enjoy putting up in your home. I’ve learned my personal comfort level is about one bin of holiday decorations per holiday/season (except Christmas … I decorate a lot more for Christmas).

The one bin method works for me because I can put away decorations and put out new decorations in one swift and quick move, which works for my lifestyle as a busy work-at-home mom. (Christmas decorations are a big whole-day family event that everyone enjoys.) Here are my recently used bins that I was putting away when I took these pictures.

The bins we have right now include the following. All of these bins are not full, but I still like having them divided into different bins to simplify putting away and taking out decorations. I still have an empty spot on my shelves if I feel like decorating for another holiday or season.

  • Regular/Non-Holiday
  • Valentine’s
  • Spring
  • Easter
  • Patriotic
  • Halloween
  • Fall/ Harvest
  • *Christmas

I keep all holiday-related items, not purely decorations, in these bins. For example, my Valentine’s bin has the heart cups we use on Valentine’s Day.

I really want to show you where I keep all these bins. I have 2 plastic utility shelves that perfectly fit my bins. I use clear bins so it is easy to locate contents. My bins are also all uniform, because that makes me happy. Just because this attic space isn’t seen by my house guests does not mean I want it to be a black hole of disorganization. Organized storage spaces makes using the storage spaces easy. Busy moms need all the EASY we can get!

You may remember my Garage blog post when I told you that I store my seasonal wreaths on my garage walls. I go back and forth about storing them there or on the wall in my attic/storage space. One day I might spontaneously decide to relocate all my wreaths, but they are still working for me on my garage walls. Right now the rest of the seasonal storage area contains some scrap carpet for a project we have coming up and that blue bin (pictured above) that has stuff to sell at the next consignment sale.

Where is all that Christmas stuff I mentioned? I have another door and attic space that is a bit smaller than this area and solely contains Christmas stuff.

Good storage was a major consideration on my mind when we built this house! Do you want a professional organizer to check your home-building plans or help you create a move-in organizing plan? Contact me and get on my waiting list now!

How do you store your seasonal decorations?

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3 thoughts on “Storing Seasonal Decorations

  1. Great storage spot Mary! I do a similar thing with my seasonal items but my bins are a bit deeper so I have a couple smaller holidays/seasons combined. And I have way more Christmas things than the rest of the year too so they are stored in my garage where I have more space.

  2. Too funny-I had to click on this link, couldn’t resist, and it’s you lol! I swear we are twins from different mothers. However, I never get see through bins…not sure why I never considered it, but now you make me want to get all matching see through ones!

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