Organize A Spice Drawer & Holiday Kitchen Organization Tip

Are you in the middle of your holiday cooking or just starting? I have goodies I like to make throughout the month, but normally I kick it into high gear a little less than a week before Christmas. I like our treats fresh. I just can’t get myself to bake some ahead and freeze, which I know is probably just a mental thing, but I just can’t go there. What I can do ahead of time to prepare is get my kitchen and ingredients ready.

Baking and cooking is easier in an organized kitchen, so if I can spend 10-15 minutes sprucing it up here and there, all the better.

Organize a Spice Drawer: One of my favorite organized spots in my kitchen is my spice drawer. Ahh, now isn’t that just nice. I’ve seen lots of different spice drawers floating around the internet. How a spice drawer would work for you depends on the size of your drawers and how many spices you use. Underneath all of those spices, there is a sheet of textured contact paper (the kind that sits in the drawer without attaching) that keeps the spices from rolling all over the place. For convenience, I chose a drawer right next to my cook-top and kitchen island.

Shopping lists can get so long this time of year! And if the shopping lists are long, that means a lot of groceries to unpack and put away.

Holiday Kitchen Organization Tip: Another little kitchen tip for the holidays is to carve out a little space in your pantry for all the holiday specialty foods and holiday-recipe specific foods. Some of these foods we only have in our houses one time a year, so they don’t really have a place and can get lost and scattered around. It simplifies things to keep all holiday food in one place, but off your counters if possible. It seems counter space is in high demand this time of year!

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas and New Years?

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6 thoughts on “Organize A Spice Drawer & Holiday Kitchen Organization Tip

  1. I love this but I only have TWO drawers in my whole kitchen it is so small. I hate my cabinet for them. I’m looking for something to hang on the wall. I am a “spice-aholic” so I LOVE the idea of being able to see them like this.

      1. I will look at there’s too. I am trying to keep to the de-cluttering. My kitchen is getting better. I will need to go back and do more. BUT this WILL be a process I do multiple times. My house is smaller so I will revisit the kitchen on the craft-room week. I added the garage on a couple other days that I don’t have the listed rooms for. I think the garage will take more than a week. :(

  2. I don’t have a spare drawer, but I do have an upper lazy susan. I have the spices alphabetized with an inventory list also updated.

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