Reindeer Thumb Print Ornament

I was looking for a fun Christmas craft to do with my girls and decided to try reindeer ornaments. I specifically wanted something simple! The cost of these materials was about $8, including 26 ornaments in the package, and plenty of leftover paint, ribbon, and nail polish.

Reindeer Thumb Print Ornament Materials

  • ornaments (shatter-proof recommended)
  • brown acrylic paint
  • cheap red nail polish
  • thin white ribbon
  • permanent marker
  • paper plate and napkin/paper towel

Step 1: Squirt some brown paint on the paper plate and dip cute little thumb in the paint. Apply thumb print to ornament.

Step 2: Set ornaments in cupcake holder to give the paint a chance to dry. I suppose you could dry anyway that works, but the cupcake holder was perfect.

Step 3: Let child plop a drop of red paint in the center-ish of the thumb print. I let my girls practice their red dots before they added noses to the real thing.

Step 4: Draw cute little reindeer horns with permanent marker. I drew some ovals on the plate for practice, plus it gave my girls something to do while it was their sisters turn to work with me.

Step 5: Tie a bit of ribbon through the ornament and hang on the tree.

For three kids to each make 5 ornaments, this project took about an hour, which includes a few minutes for the acrylic paint to dry.

I wrote the name and year with a permanent marker on the back of each ornament. I think these ornaments are something I’ll treasure on my tree for years, because they are so precious! Not to mention, maybe making these with me will be part of my girls Christmas memories … there is a chance.

My kids are old enough to do most of this with my supervision, but for a younger baby, I’d probably do most of it. I also saw a cute ornament of a hand-print done with white acrylic paint and each finger was decorated as a snowman. Then, you have the whole hand-print to remember in a cute way! I’m totally doing the snowman next year with my crew and new little man. The cute reindeer thumb prints were a perfect fit for us this year, though. Love them!

Merry Christmas!! I hope you and your families are making lots of memories.

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3 thoughts on “Reindeer Thumb Print Ornament

  1. I had Carson make the snowmen ornaments for family gifts this year. He kind of thought it was a pain before he started (although this is the idea he picked out when I gave him several choices) but by the time he was decorating snowmen, he was having a blast. He was sad when he was out of ornaments.

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