Top Seven Posts of 2012

{I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! If things are going according to my plan when I scheduled this post in advance, I will have taken down my Christmas decorations today. I like to ring in my New Year with my house all ready for a new year. This one of the few times of year I really let my over-zealously organized side do it’s thing. Normally I try to have “balance” in family life … which sometimes means letting messes simmer while making memories. (Perfectionism is not super conducive to a happy family life.) But today, I embrace the voice that wants a place for everything and everything in its place.}

I want to say thank you for giving my blog a chance this year. When I started in March, I wasn’t sure what would come of it, and I have been so pleasantly surprised to find a community interested in my brand of organizing. Your feedback and comments mean so much to me!

Why my blog is different:

First – I am a real mom trying to keep up with my own home and family, so the pictures I show are real and my not always look like they belong in a magazine. My fourth child is due next month and like you, I have to work hard every day to keep it all together. I totally understand what busy feels like and the demands on homemakers. 

Second – I am a professional organizer and an organizing addict. In my spare time, I enjoy reading about organizing and learning all the little mundane-seeming details, like best practices of arranging file systems. I enjoy thinking through complex organization problems and simplifying solutions for my own family, for my client’s families, and for you, my readers. My goal is to make my ideas simple enough, without compromising important organizing principles, for even the most frazzled among us to take away ideas to make family life a little bit more organized and peaceful.

When I write for you, I combine real life and real organizing, and I hope that combination works for you and you continue to find my ideas helpful. I have such great things planned for the new year! Since I am preparing for my new baby to come next month, I’ve already written quite a few articles and scheduled them. I’m so excited to share with you, part of me wants to just post them all right now! But … I think it will be more exciting to wait. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to receive my blog posts right in your email inbox with the subscribe form on the sidebar!

Without further ado – the top seven most viewed blog posts of 2012, in reverse order. 

Number Seven – 

The Easiest Way To Do Children’s Laundry


Number Six – 

Tour of Homes: My Kitchen


Number Five – 

My Table Decor With Easy Tuturial


Number Four – 

The Painless Way Of Purging Closets


Number Three – 

Tip: A Washcloth (Or More) A Day Keeps Bacteria Away


Number Two – 

Window Treatments In The Works


Number One –

How To: Get Rid Of Fruit Flys For Good


Be sure to check these posts out if you missed any the first time around! And as a belated Christmas gift to me, pin them away!! The next and last post of this year should make you smile as I share Funny Findings of 2012, so stay tuned.

Have a great day!

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