Are You An Anti-Resolutionist?

The best things come to those who do

What is your take on New Year’s resolutions? I know so many people who are anti-resolutions, and I think I can guess a few reasons.  First of all, most of us end each year utterly exhausted. The span of holidays and magical-memory-making takes its toll on us and we are left at the new year too tired to come up with a NEW list of “things to do”. Putting away Christmas decorations, un-packing from travels, cleaning the remnants of Christmas treats from our kitchens, finding homes for new gifts, and entertaining the kids home from Christmas break is enough to keep us very busy. Many of us have so much we are catching up on, it seems unrealistic to add even more expectations of ourselves.

Another reason I think anti-resolutions are becoming the trend for moms is because our past failures burned us. Remember a few years ago when we decided we would exercise every day of the new year and that lasted 2 weeks? Yeah, that hurts my pride too. Why should we set ourselves up to fail again?!

I don’t know, because maybe this time is different. We can feel it, we are going to try harder and do better in 2013. Right??

So, I made some resolutions yesterday. I sat down at the table with my family and we all made resolutions. This only happened because my husband called us all to the table to do so. I was an anti-resolutionist this year, but I didn’t want to undermine my husband as he tried to lead our family … so I came to the table and sat there, and followed along with his directions like one of the kids. I didn’t interject a whole bunch of my resolution wisdom even though theoretically I know the right things to say, because trust me, I’ve read enough books on the subject to give me lots of material.

Slowly, as I sat with my family, the Spirit of it started to build. 2013 can be a good year, and there are some things I want to do this year and improve in myself. Maybe it was my children’s honest and sweet hopes and dreams for the year. One child wants to ride in a boat this year as one of her goals. One child wants to have a party when she finishes her piano book. My children taught me yesterday that my resolutions don’t need to beat me up, they just need to fill me with hope and desire for progressing, and an optimistic tone to the New Year.

010213 martha washington

It is the most humble list of resolutions I’ve ever made. And I’m not sharing.

I think 2013 will be spectacular! What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Are You An Anti-Resolutionist?

  1. I am not an anti-resolutionist, just an anti-New Year’s- resolutionist. I find that I am much more successful with positive change when I am motivated by my own mistakes and shortcomings instead of a calendar date. In other words, after I watch myself making the same mistake over and over, then I decide it’s time to make a resolution. Usually happens much more frequently than I care to admit :-) Or sometimes I just want to learn something new so I go for it, regardless of the time of year.

  2. I’m probably in the don’t-want-to-add-more-unrealistic-expectations boat, but I like the thoughts and quotes you’ve shared! I’m going to try to come up with a couple things that will inspire me without beating me up! And thanks for not sharing your own list – I can’t help but read other people’s when they post them and then feel like I should add all those to my own to-do list.

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