Introducing Little Cougar

I’m happy to report that I’ve finished the project I’ve been working on for the past 9 months. We’ve all been enjoying the sweetest baby ever. We love him very very much!

Introducing Cougar, our newest addition to the Mary Organizes team –

Little Cougar

Look forward to some great posts I have scheduled for you. I’ll be snuggling my new baby and organizing all of his baby things, how fun.

Happily enjoying life with no sleep,

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11 thoughts on “Introducing Little Cougar

  1. Kia Ora, little man welcome to the world, this is all the way from Auckland New Zealand, well done mum enjoy your new son, I’m a lucky mum of 3 teenage sons. All the best from NZ.

  2. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!

    Time goes by fast – enjoy it! Still miss kissing the top of their heads and that smell. Our youngest is 16.


  3. Yeah! So happy all you ladies finally got a little boy to dote on – I know I think mine three boys are pretty darn cool!

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