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Bathroom Organizing Tips
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I’ve given you a tour of my master bathroom before {see tour here}, but I have never shown you how I organize the drawers and cabinets in my bathroom. I actually organized the bathroom in our last home like this and when we moved, everything fit in the new house cabinets and drawers perfectly. One way to know you have a good system: it is transferable!

First of all, an organized bathroom starts with the counters. Begin organizing your bathroom by deciding what you want on your counter surface. Use trays and baskets to keep things corralled. I’ve thought about a basket for my stack of white wash cloths (I use a new cloth every night to give myself the spa feeling at home), but I’m still searching for the perfect one.

organized bathroom counter

This simple solution for under cabinets has worked for us for years. The cute chalk labels were a recent addition, a pleasant step up from my label maker generic looking labels. But really, it is in a bathroom cabinet, it doesn’t have to look cute. Of course, if you are taking pictures that hundreds of people will view on your blog … well, you might splurge on adorable labels. Or just do it for yourself, whatever. Really, though, these shoe box sized plastic bins are perfect for cabinet storage of bathroom odds and ends. They are stack-able and keeps things separated, so it is easy to see what is stored inside.

bathroom cabinet storage

I’m a big fan of white towels in the master bathroom. The awesome thing about going with all white towels is that you can replace 1 or 2 as needed and it doesn’t even have to be the same style towel, because the white makes it all blend together.

white towels for the bathroom lets you mix and match sets

I use the foot bath for my home pedicures. {I had a pedicure 3 years ago that changed my life – the technician gave me the best advice ever and showed me how to do my own pedicures at home and keep my feet soft.}

foot bath for home spa

My hubby is pretty low maintenance, so his stuff takes up half of the top drawer and my stuff takes up all the other space. These drawer inserts came from Walmart. I measured the drawer and went to the store to find something that would fill up the whole space. Our top drawer:

top drawer bathroom organizing

I sit on a stool to do my hair and makeup, so this drawer contains my hair and makeup stuff because it is the easiest to see and reach while I’m sitting. The drawer is a bit deeper than the top one, which allows me to use the deeper plastic bin for my hair stuff. Our middle drawer:

middle drawer bathroom organizing

The bottom drawer fits my hair appliances nicely. One of my biggest challenges is actually putting away my hair dryer and straightener. I’m working on it! It is one of my current Fresh Start goals.

bottom drawer bathroom organizing

My five-year old told me honestly last week “mommy, you are messy in the bathroom” when she saw my dryer on the floor and the straightener on the counter. The bathroom is where I am my messiest! I can be a bit clumsy and I’ve been known to spill and squirt makeup and lotions all over the place. (Don’t look too close or you will see some makeup foundation I recently spilled on the rug.) The more organized it is, the easier it is to clean up after myself. True story.

None of these organization ideas are complicated, and hopefully that helps you realize how easily you can copy my ideas into your own bathroom! Simple!

Happy organizing!

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41 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Organization

  1. Is the stuff in the shoe box bins things you use or are they extras of what you already have. (Is that your 1 year storage of bathroom supplies?)

  2. Love, love this! I just started buying all these little plastic boxes at Dollar Tree and I’m crazy putting them all over my house. It’s so fun!

  3. I am so jealous of your bathroom. I signed up to get email alerts from your blog and look forward to learning how to better organize my house. It is my New Year’s resolution after all.

  4. Awe have the same style cabinets, and this makes so much more sense than the way I have it. Great job. And yes, I too would love to know how to do a pedicure at home. :)

  5. I would love to know the at home pedicure secret! :) Great post on organization. I just got my counter top clutter free. Now I have good ideas of how to do the same for the drawers and cabinets. :)

  6. I wish I could copy your ideas. Or bathrooms are so tiny it is laughable. There is very very little storage space (although it definitely could use a good organization, any ideas on what to do with a straightener, blow dryer etc when all you have is tiny awkwardly arranged under the sink storage?) Our bathroom pantry is in our bedroom. I do like your bins idea for under the sink, I will have to look to see if they fit. Or maybe I can use them in the bathroom pantry. I love how yours looks! I wish I had that kind of space. Oh and I am really curious about the pedicure tips that you got. Have you posted them before? Or is there any way that you could post them? I think we could all use life changing pedicures :)
    I would love it if you would share this (and anything else you have been working on) at my linky party!

    1. I saw on pinterest a storage solution for hair dryer and straightner where you put pcv pipe on inside of cabinate door and slide them in.

  7. I am so glad I found your site. I truly love your ideas and will be visiting your site frequently. Thank you for all your excellent tips.

  8. Do you have a post on your at home spa treatment??? I would love to read it. If you do not could you please tell us your secret or do a post and let us know. PLEASE!!!!

      1. I keep checking back to see if you have shared the pedicure secret yet! I got one of those foot spas for Christmas so now I’m itching to know.

        1. Yes, I want to share … maybe I should get a volunteer. I tried to do this post and the pictures came out awful that I did myself from the odd angle of far away from my feet! I’ll keep trying. :)

          1. I actually took all the pictures last summer to create a post about pedicures … but I hated the pictures. They all came out fuzzy!! Maybe I’ll try again in the spring when my broken foot heals.

    1. I get them from all over. I’ve ordered from Amazon, bought at the local craft store, Walmart, office supply store. They are starting to appear everywhere.

  9. I moved in with my bf a couple of years ago, he has a teenaged daughter. They already had all spaces occupied in the bathroom so I have been living out of the bedroom closet. Thank you this post I think I might be able to move me and my two teenagers into the bathroom now!!!

  10. Love your under the sink organization. I would love to feature this in a blog post I’m planning on Small Bathroom Ideas. Would you mind if I used a photo and linked it back to this blog post? Let me know! Have a great day.

  11. Love you bathroom organization. I did the same with colored rectangle baskets from the Dollar Store. Office cards sized to fit for labels tied on with ribbons.

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