How I Clean My Kitchen Sink {A Video!}

how to clean a white farmhouse sink

Hello there! This weekend I decided to try something fun for you: I made a video of me cleaning my kitchen sink while I hold our five-week old baby. Now that I’ve broken through the terror of figuring out how to take this video, add text, and publish it on my website: I can’t wait to do more videos!

Without further ado – How I Clean My Kitchen Sink (while holding a baby)

Our kitchen sinks are usually pretty big hot spots in our homes and are constantly being used throughout the day. We prepare our family’s meals using the sink and clean up in the sink. We wash our hands in the sink and even give our babies baths in our kitchen sinks. How often should we clean our kitchen sinks? My answer is the sinks should be cleared and wiped down every night and be deep cleaned every week.

The Scour Off that I used to clean my sink in this video really is made out of cherry pits. How much more nontoxic can you get? Well, I guess cleaning with just water, but just water doesn’t seem to get the scuff marks off my white sink.

You can purchase it HERE. (And yes, I get a small commission from your purchase. Thank you!)

When I ordered scour off to try, the first thing I wanted to clean was my beautiful stainless steel sauté pan. I mean, it used to be beautiful, but then over time it got this film that I didn’t know how to remove. Scour Off made my sauté pan shine and return to its former beauty!

Scour Off Test #1: sautepan

Although this product could work cleaning a million different things (especially ovens, tubs and sinks), I use it most regularly for my kitchen sink.

Scour Off Test #2: white sink

What do you think you’d like about scour off? I love the smell and how well it cleans.

Phew! My first video post is done!! It is a little nerve-wracking putting this video out there. What did you think? Should I do more videos? Anything in particular you want me to show you? Wasn’t little Cougar just the cutest baby in the universe?!


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