My Temporary Nursery Setup

In my dream world, the nursery would be perfectly setup now – perfectly decorated and organized. Of course, my reality is that the room for his nursery is needed as an extra guest room for another few months while visitors come and go. We’ve setup a temporary nursery in our master bedroom, so little guy is always near us, which comes in handy during the night. Can you relate? Do you keep your baby in your room for a while?

Normally I like my master bedroom as a couples sanctuary {See how my master bedroom normally looks}, but time with newborns is short and we’re making the most of it.

Here are lots of pictures of how we have temporarily arranged things to take care of our newborn. Most of these placements I call temporary, because the placements will change over the next year as my baby grows.

tour my temp nursery setup

During my struggle with infertility, when I’d let myself daydream about a baby, I always pictured him or her in a beautiful mahogany bassinet with over-flowing and beautiful white bedding. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started searching for my dream bassinet. Um, yeah … the kind I dreamed about are hundreds of dollars, which I couldn’t rationalize spending on something that lasts until the baby can sit up. (There were many sleepless nights where my non-rational side almost bought one anyways. Oh, the temptation and convenience of online shopping!) When I saw this bassinet, however, I knew it was just right for our baby and our budget.

Temp Nursery Bassinet

This is our baby changing area. A friend gave me this changing pad and I ordered the cover on Etsy. I am in love with minky material! (I also used minky blankets in the picture above to line the bassinet.)  Our dresser is working well as a changing table. The two top drawers have baby clothes inside. I keep a little basket with diaper changing products next to the changing pad. This basket will transfer nicely to the finished nursery.

temp nursery changing table

This area is a bit of an eyesore, so I just keep telling myself it is temporary. We keep a box of diapers on the floor near the changing table. Not beautiful, but handy. We also keep burp cloths accessible and he has his very own clothes hamper. We use a steel diaper pail, which is containing the smell so far.

temp nursery setup

My parents got us this glider for Christmas. We’ve had a bit of a furniture shuffle since the baby arrived, and it will shuffle a bit more when this glider makes its way to the completed nursery.

temp nursery glider

We give little Cougar baths in the kitchen sink, so I keep a little basket of his bath items under the sink. I love not having to bend over at the bath tub for bath time. We’ll transition to a tub when he can crawl around and splash in the water. (See this post if you are interested about what is inside of the red bucket or this post if you want to tour my kitchen.)

temp nursery baby bath stuff

Also in the kitchen, I got a really cute bowl to store clean pacifiers. We go through a lot of pacifiers in a day, because I wash them when they fall on the ground. There are just too many scary germs going around with my older kids in elementary school during flu and RSV season. I wanted a cute bowl to put out on the counter to make the clean pacifiers accessible very easily. And if something will be out on my kitchen counter for so long, I want it to look good!

cute bowl for pacifiers

Another basket I ended up needing to organize baby stuff is something for the bottles and pump parts. This is on the counter for now, but I have plans to make room for it in the pantry.

pump and bottle stuff storage

And where is baby while I take these pictures and blog about it? Swinging! Thank goodness for baby swings, they produce miracles.

baby swing and life saver

When the last of the guests leave I’m going to go crazy decorating the nursery and setting it up. I have so many ideas! We will be happy all together in our room for now, though. Did you have your nursery perfectly set before your baby arrived? Do you keep your baby in your room for a while?


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6 thoughts on “My Temporary Nursery Setup

  1. We did the same thing when Maise was born. For three month we made the best of sharing rooms but it is so worth it! And the room looks so much bigger when you move all the stuff out! haha. Lovely!

  2. We had a different situation when my three were babies. Our room was right off of the living room and so we just kept the play pen set up with the bassinette top, they slept in there for the first three months and then they went in their own rooms, by that point they were sleeping through the night.

    It worked out really nice because Matt was able to stay asleep, and the living room was a lot more comfy in the middle of the night anyway. It was also nice because they got used to sleeping through the other kids noise during the day.

    It would have been nice to have a different situation, but you do with what you have.

  3. We were living in my grandmothers old apartment (behind my parents) when the first one cam along. The Murphy bed was no longer in use, we had added a bedroom. The closet the bed was in was crib size. The doors closed almost all the way so we could still watch television. Her toys went into a laundry basket, the changing table was a chest of drawer in our room.

    Yes, we kept the baby in our bedroom for the first little while but it’s been too long to remember just when they went into their own room.

  4. Little one’s bed, diapers, dresser, etc. moved out during kid’s bedroom week. Some items were donated, some sold. Little one, who is 2, still sleeps with us. Our bedroom feels huge now, and he is learning to love his and big bubby’s room.

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