A Touch of Spring Decorating

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Today I want to show you some of my Springy home decor. Truthfully, my regular decor is pretty Springy. Blues, Greens, and Yellows lace their way throughout my home. These are my favorite colors and I never tire of them, and they also happen to lend themselves to thoughts of Spring. I added a few additional Springy touches of things I enjoy. Decorations we don’t love are just clutter, so less can be more in seasonal decorating.

Here are some pictures showing A Touch of Spring Decorating.

Welcome to my home!

Spring door

Recently I added a blue bird to my row of pears in my entertainment center. (If you look closely, you can see me in the tv’s reflection taking the picture while my mom is sitting on the couch holding my baby boy.)

One blue bird to break up the line of green pears

This is my favorite corner. Not only are those chairs comfortable, but the color combination speaks to me. (We should always be the biggest fans of how our homes’ decor!)

A fun little corner

I added the bunny with eggs and carrots inside for Easter, but I think I’ll keep the bunny out most of Spring.

cloth napkin as a table cover

This is how my mantel looks most of the year, except I added the “He Lives” sign for Easter.

Spring and Easter Mantel

Since I’ve last shown my mantel on the blog, I’ve added that little stand with the glass top. I found it at a consignment sale for $2 and I have plans to update it. It is so neutral, it just blends into the mantel and I want to make it pop a little. The bird on top ties together with the bird in my row of pears in my entertainment center.

Part of my Spring mantel

My table decor is all Easter, so I’ll replace it once Easter is over. My table is a hot spot in my home. My kids do their homework at the table, we eat dinner at the table every night, and artwork is usually scattered on every surface of it. For practical reasons, my table-scapes can never be too cluttered. Some of my decorating ideas aren’t functional at this phase of my life with my four little children, and that is okay with me!

Springy Easter tree

There you go, a touch of Spring decorating. Ironically, I write this on the same day it snows in Arkansas at the end of March. At least it is Spring inside!

Do you decorate for Spring?

Springy thoughts to you,

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3 thoughts on “A Touch of Spring Decorating

  1. I have that same table runner and the placemats too lol. This year I only put the place mats out tho BC usually I put the runner on my coffee table that is being used for a critter cage hold and haven’t gotten a new one yet!! Love your home it’s gorgeous and so clean with 4 kids you are amazing!!!!

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