Easter Baskets: Revealed

Easter is coming! I put these baskets together today and I showed them to Matt when he got home from work. He asked “When is Easter?” Um … THIS Sunday! He was surprised and (I’m assuming) grateful that he has me to remember these things.

Holidays are the best times to be a mom (and the busiest), and I normally love everything about celebrating with my family. However, there has been one downside to Easter. One part of Easter baskets has caused me to think lots of ugly thoughts. The grass. I hate Easter grass! Whether it is made of plastic or paper, I hate it. Hate it. You don’t even see it coming, but then suddenly the stuff is in every single nook and cranny of your entire household. Every nook and cranny. I’m pretty sure I just recently vacuumed up some grass from last year’s baskets. Last year I had two six-year-olds and a four-year-old so I thought the grass would finally be okay. I was so very wrong.  … Um, so anyway, you can tell I have strong feelings about it!

This year I realized there was absolutely no need for grass at the bottom of the basket. Tissue paper to the rescue! Scrunch it up and it is just that easy. You could use any fun color that coordinates with your basket and voilà! If you want to be nice to all of your friends, you will pin this image below and spread the word. T.I.S.S.U.E. P.A.P.E.R.

Use tissue paper in your Easter baskets instead of grass for easier cleanup

I’m pretty traditional about Easter baskets. Easter baskets aren’t a second Christmas. Easter baskets are about candy. (Easter itself isn’t about candy, but that is a whole different topic.) Here is what one of our baskets looks like! All three big girls will have the same contents. I actually have a few movies to put out on Easter morning by the baskets, but I didn’t picture them here because they got stashed high in the closet and I’ll have Matt reach them on Saturday night. In the past we’ve done books too, but not this year. This year I just craved simple.

Basket contents:

Chocolate bunny (hollow)
Chewy candy rope
Chocolate caramel filled eggs
Bubble gum
Peeps (yuck! but they look cute)
*Lip gloss
*Fancy pen

*every non-candy item came from the dollar section

Easter baskets revealed

Now, as for our little 9-week old. He has to have a basket too, mostly because his sisters would think it strange if he didn’t. His basket contains two little balls and some baby food puffs. He is too young to enjoy any of it, but it is the thought that counts.

Great things for babies and toddlers:

Baby food (practical!)
Board books
Stuffed bunny
Plastic eggs filled with cereals or crackers
Plastic carrots (for bunny play)
Bunny ears and tail

Easter baskets for babies

Our baskets will be out Easter morning and the Easter bunny also scatters plastic eggs all over the house that need to be found. It is our own personal indoor egg hunt! The plastic eggs will have M&Ms or jelly beans inside.

Easter egg filler

 This is what I’ll be putting in my Easter basket. Isn’t he sweet? I have the cutest little blogging assistant. Man, he loves that ceiling fan! (He is not really little, though. This chunky monkey weighs 16 lbs at 9 weeks old!)

blogging assistant extraordinaire

It did feel a little strange putting the baskets together so early and during the day. I’m used to putting it together late Saturday night. I wonder what my neighbors thought as they saw me pose Easter baskets on my front porch and take pictures.

Easter blessings to you!

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5 thoughts on “Easter Baskets: Revealed

  1. Oh, Mary….so glad I read this post before filling my Easter baskets. I HATE the grass too!! I am whipping out the tissue paper. Best idea ever!

  2. My mom always used green yarn in our baskets when I was a child because she hated the grass too! I have followed in her footsteps and used yarn, but I love the tissue paper idea!!

  3. oh my 16lbs, he is a big boy, and so cute!!! My daughter has always been peitite and is only 21lbs at 18 months! I cannot even imaging carrying him around; not to mention in a carseat.I just found your blog and love it! Congrats on a beautiful family!

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