Easy and Delicious Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter is Easy

Sunday I was looking online for a buttermilk substitute for a recipe I was making. In the process of searching, I found this interesting link about how to make butter. Since I planned to make bread with my girls the next day, I decided we could try this too. (Did you see our Turtle Bread yesterday? Mmm.) It was really easy and the butter was the best I’ve ever tasted. Fresh butter is the best, really.

Here is what we did:

Since there were four of us, I filled four little mason jars with heavy cream. We should have only filled them half way, so we ended up pouring some out after I took this picture. Live and learn.

Make Homemade Butter Take the jars and start shaking. Shake, shake, shake.

shake and shake and eventually it will be butter

Keep shaking even when you feel like stopping.

shake that jar until it is butter

The jar is full of whipped cream and then suddenly a few seconds later, you realize it has become butter. Don’t give up! (Below: whipped cream on left, butter on right.)

It is whip cream before it will be butter

The first sign that there is butter inside is a window will appear to see the butter in the jar.

A window appears into the butter


Homemade Butter

After all the jars became butter, I poured them out into a strainer, catching the buttermilk below. I’m going to make some killer pancakes this week with that buttermilk!

Drain out the buttermilk

I tried to drain all the buttermilk out of the butter, then I mixed in some salt.

Heavy cream becomes Butter and Buttermilk

Of course, we tried our fresh butter immediately on our green turtle bread. It was AH-mazing!

Yes that is green bread but the homemade butter makes it so delicious

We are using the leftover butter with popcorn for a movie night planned this week. Life is good!

My favorite child saying from this experience was “how amazing that we could make butter from milk”. Sometimes I forget what my kids don’t know yet.

Have you ever made homemade butter? Do you think you might try?

Everything is better with butter,

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4 thoughts on “Easy and Delicious Homemade Butter

  1. I have been on the fence after seeing another butter post. I think we’ll be doing this over the weekend. Thanks!

  2. So fun! I remember doing this during a Primary lesson when I was small. We passed the jar around all through our discussion and then, at the end of the class, somehow we had butter and it taught some valuable lesson I’ve now forgotten. Loved it! Seems like we put in on saltines? So would have preferred your home made bread. We’ll have to give it a try – thanks for the fun idea!

  3. I LOVE this idea! The butter looks delicious and like a lot of fun to make as well. I may just have to try it out this week. Have a wonderful day! ~ Jamie
    P.S. I’m visiting from the Frugal Friday link party.

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