Keeping Up With Multiple Kids’ Schedules

How to keep up with lots of kid schedules

Last fall, I was losing my mind trying to keep track of when my three elementary girls had their different school specials. What days should they wear tennis shoes for PE? Do they need their library book today? Each day, all three have different specials than each other, and the schedule changes regularly. It is a lot to track! Teachers send home these schedules every week, but then every morning I would have to find those papers to make sure everyone was prepared for school. That got old quick.

I posted a simple sheet of paper with everyone’s names and schedules. I put it up near the back door/ shoe area so I could help everyone in the morning. I imagined myself using it each morning to check everyone was prepared for school. Then an interesting thing happened … the girls read it themselves and prepared themselves. I lost my place as the middle man! I didn’t expect that, because they are still little (in my eyes), but it has been great!! And then when I made the paper dry-erase, an even cooler thing happened, they used the papers from school to fill out their own schedule. I can not emphasize the stress relief of this system, mornings are so much calmer.

Keeping track of multiple kid schedules

I was just trying to simplify things for myself, but ended up simplifying things for everyone. Sometimes the stars just align like that when we organize our lives.

Self-laminating to use dry erase markers was easy. I added a space for after school activities, in hopes it will simplify things after school like it has in the morning. I made this form in Excel, but I think it would be just as easy in Word, or just free-handed. Seriously, a ruler and a marker would do the trick just fine, though I bet a lot of you could get really creative with it. The self-laminating kit was from Walmart and I bought the cheapest pack of dry erase markers. I used the velcro to attach it to the wall, so I could pull it off if needed.

Materials needed to create schedule sheet

Back at the beginning of the school year, I wrote THIS POST about organizing tips that help us during the school year. The school day organizing tips still help keep us running smoothly around here. Any other tips to make school prep easy?

Have a special day!

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12 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Multiple Kids’ Schedules

  1. Great organizing tip! 3 kids’ schedules – which change daily – can be really stressful. Good job on creating this management tool, Mary! Think I will pin this…

  2. Great idea! I have 4 kids in elementary school and keeping track of who needs to wear tennis shoes or bring library books is constantly a thorn in my side.

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