Organizing Medicine & Vitamins

If I knew how to make pictures of dark closet interiors, cabinet interiors, and drawers look good, well, that would be awesome. As it is, you’ll just have to picture that in real life, these buckets don’t look so grainy and dark. The following shows how I organize our medicine and vitamins. I keep everything on a high shelf in the pantry.

I decided to get our medicine and vitamins organized for two reasons. I used to have one bucket and it was so stuffed full, that I couldn’t easily see what was inside. Not having a good vision of what I already owned led to waste. The second reason is my husband could not find anything when he needed it or was trying to find something for the kids. Yeah, it was that bad. The only thing going for us was already having all the medicine and vitamins in one place.

Organizing Medicine and Vitamins

I think this organization strategy is pretty obvious from the picture. I divided up what I had and put it in separate buckets. I slapped on a label to make it obvious. Now it is so easy to find everything!

organizing medicine and vitamins

We take vitamins every day and we’ve been very healthy this past fall and winter! (I wrote about taking vitamins here.) I keep our daily vitamins on the counter by the bar where we serve breakfast. It is part of our morning routine to load everyone up on their vitamins.

organizing family medicine and vitamins

Do you check your medicines and vitamins for expiration dates? Put that on your calendar now to do every spring and fall. A few times a year of checking expiration dates and tidying up the buckets is all it will take to keep this area clean and organized.

Simple. Just the way I like it.

And speaking of medicine, our poor 6 week old baby is really struggling with reflux. Sleep seems like an unattainable dream right now. I can’t remember fully what it feels like, but sleeping is good, right? :)

Stay well!

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11 thoughts on “Organizing Medicine & Vitamins

  1. Our son is now 22 months and has struggled with reflux since he was very little. He is still taking medicine for it…….I tried weening him of it but he almost immediately got sick. It is very frustrating when your little one is uncomfortable and there is little you can do to help. I don’t know what to tell you other than that I understand what you are going through and feel your pain. Good luck with the little man! Bonnie

  2. Loving those containers! Can you tell me where you got them? So sorry to hear about the baby having reflux. Our youngest had (what they said ) collic for the first four months. I remember the no sleeping…well. I hope it gets better, soon. Hugs. Susan

  3. Love it! I did something similar with my medicine cabinet (though my containers aren’t nearly as cute)… it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to find stuff. Great job!!! :)

  4. I had to come up with something so my husband and kids could figure out which meds to take when. I code them with letters on the lid with a Sharpie (since I store them upright in a drawer)
    A: Allergy meds (antihistamine: Benadryl, Claratin, Zyrtec, etc.)
    C: Cough suppressant
    D: decongestant
    E: expectorant (Mucinex: guifenesin)
    M: Motrin (or Advil: any ibuprofen)
    T: Tylenol (any acetaminophen)

    I may have left one out, but you get the idea. I find this helps a ton when you have generics or even prescriptions you aren’t familiar with. And, it seems like there might be a brand name that puts out a formula that does other than what they are known for, or a combination dose. In other words, Tylenol might have a liquid that includes an allergy, ibuprofen, and decongestant meds. I would label it “DMT”
    My 12 and 13 year old are learning what medications to take when…they WILL be on their own someday!! Also helps with medicating in the middle of the night without having to fetch my glasses!!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. I do find that other people in my family don’t always know the protocol to handle different illnesses. I love the idea for creating a way for them to figure it out easily. I use a lot of natural remedies, which are even more confusing, because the bottle doesn’t usually say much of anything about the use! Garlic and Cayenne pepper for a sinus infection?? Who would know that unless you were the one who bought the garlic and pepper supplements for that reason? :)

  5. Place a sticker with expiration date on the top of the bottles and then place a sticker dated for first one to expire. This way you don’t have to go through each bottle to look for expiration date. Very quick and easy to see when you are in the box when something will need to be replaced.

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