How To Sew A Nursing Cover Strap

How to sew  nursing cover straps

Sewing these straps was so easy. No measuring, and I got all three done during one of little Cougar’s cat naps.

All I needed was —

  • fabric
  • curtain ring clips (this package was on clearance for $3)
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine

First, start with creating a fabric strip. I didn’t measure length, I just pulled off a strip of fabric. The easiest way to get fabric into strips is to just tear/rip it after you start a rip with a little snip of the scissors. You can get the idea with the picture. Snip and then grab both sides of the snip and just pull fast and hard. Speed helps. Voila! Fabric strips made easy!

Easy way to make strips of fabric

After you have the strips, the next part is to sew it into the strap. I’ve become addicted to making these handy picture tutorials. So much easier to explain and less wordy.

Nursing Cover Strap Tutorial

There you go, just adjust the knotted side for how long you want it. Now the next time you need to nurse your baby in public, you can do it with a little privacy. And the strap fits conveniently and easily into the diaper bag.

Here is my baby girl modeling the nursing cover strap for me. She has a stuffed animal under there – she doesn’t get to hold the real baby sitting on the edge of a chair. lol (Also, she clipped a flower clip onto a headband this morning and was so proud of her creation. I think she is awesome.)

nursing cover straps modeled by a cutie pie

And who wouldn’t want to feed this face? This is my baby T. Rex, who gained 6 lbs in 6 weeks. Obviously he gets fed plenty!

The T. Rex Swaddle

Happy nursing,

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