How To Prepare For A Professional Organizer

How To Prepare for your Professional Organizer

So, you’ve made the wise decision to hire a professional organizer. You’ve set up your first appointment. Now what?

  • When you hire someone to mow your lawn, do you cut the grass before they come?
  • When you hire someone to clean your house, do you clean the toilets before they come?
  • When you hire someone to paint a room, do you paint before they come?

Your organizer wants to help you get organized. If you try to organize before they come, they aren’t going to see the real situation. And the only way your organizer can help you truly solve your organization problems is to know what is really happening.

The best way to prepare for your professional organizer is to take a deep breath, drink a warm cup of cocoa, and visualize what your home will feel like organized.

  • What would it be like for everything to have a place? 
  • How will it feel when you can open that closet without stuff falling on you?
  • How much better will it feel when you can find your missing things?

Also, think through your day-to-day and brainstorm what is stressing you out the most. Be ready to share your organizational stresses with your professional organizer.

My first appointment with clients is always an assessment and consultation. I walk through the trouble areas with my clients and listen to your needs. I take lots of notes. I take those notes back to my office and develop a strategy of where to start. My preparation will make the rest of my work for you be more efficient and take less time overall. There is a chance I might give “homework” to my clients to complete before I come again, because that saves my clients money when it is something they feel comfortable doing themselves. If the homework is ever too much, my clients always can wait for my help. After all, I’m here to serve you and make the process easier for you!

Most of my clients choose the “Best Package”, which means they work with me while I organize. The benefit of this system is that you help make decisions about what stays and what goes. Also, I use the time together to teach my clients about how to keep up their newly organized space in the long-term.

One of the most frequent comments I get before I come to my clients home is: Please don’t judge my mess.

Professional Organizers are not coming to your home to judge your mess, you will actually find us more compassionate than most people. We study a lot of the mental and emotional triggers that are causing your disorganization. We help lots of people organize these problem areas that are stressing you out! I got into this business to help you, not judge you!

I am so happy for you that you’ve decided to hire a professional organizer. Getting your home and life organized is one of the best investments you can make.

Helping you get and stay organized,

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