Organize and Save The Planet

Organize and save the planet

Earth Day is coming up on Monday, which is a great reminder to assess what we could do better. Believe it or not, getting organized is a great way of helping the planet. Organizing can reduce a lot of waste. Here are some reminders of tips I’ve shared before:

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In this post, I talk about making recycling stations accessible.  {Read more …}




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Oh, batteries. Batteries are one of the worst things that you throw away in your regular garbage. They do a lot of damage when they aren’t disposed of properly.  {Read more …}



20120712 (16) Use washcloths instead of paper towels. I have a system for making it easy. {Read more …}



Liberate yourself from Free-Thinking!

Stop the mindless accumulation of stuff for stuff’s sake. {Read more …}




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Last year we planted a garden. We are planning to again this year. We will keep trying and hopefully our skills will improve over time. One can hope. {Read more …}



Every day should be Earth Day! Our family has the tradition of picking up trash at our local park. Join us, and take my daughter Allison’s challenge to pick up trash at your local park this weekend! {Read more …}

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 At our house, we only use natural cleaners that are guaranteed not only to work, but also to be good for our homes and our environment. Read about Shaklee’s impressive environmental achievements HERE. I’m especially proud to be partnered with a company that is 100% carbon neutral!

Shaklee helps the planet

Do you have any advice for saving the planet? Please feel free to leave a link in the comments below to any blog posts you’ve written about things you do to help our planet, I’d love to see them!

Get organized and save the planet,


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