Social Media {My *awesome* Definitions}

Today I’m going to discuss social media as I see it. First, what is social media? Social Media is using our electronic devices to interact with other people.

Different social media outlets appeal to different types of people. I’m going to go ahead and write one of the most offensive articles I’ve written. I use and abuse the powers of stereo-typing as I explain social media in terms of the High School experience.

Social Media - My Awesome Definitions


social-connect-facebook Facebook – This is like a high school cafeteria – Almost everyone shows up here every day to eat their lunch, besides the people who sneak and eat their lunch underneath the bleachers. Though almost everyone is there, the dramatic kids are making the most noise. 

social-connect-twitter Twitter – This is like hanging out at the mall a few towns away after school – You may not know people by name, but you find ‘your people’, and engage in random conversations.

social-connect-instagram Instagram – This is like the high school yearbook club – These people take pictures of everything, including what they are about to eat, lots of dogs, cats, painted nails, cute kids. (If you want a more personal look at my life, Instagram is where I over-share.)

social-connect-pinterest Pinterest – This is like the future homemakers club – People post and share pictures of projects they are going to do “one day”. (If I’m ever lost, come find me on Pinterest.)

social-connect-googleplus Google Plus – This is like the debate team – You don’t want to argue with people who love it, and even though the potential seems good, you really aren’t sure whether or not it is cool.

social-connect-email Email – This is the English club – Emails are for people who enjoy reading and writing. Lots of what used to be emails are now texts. Texting slang bothers the English club the most.

social-connect-linkedin Linked In – This is the future business-people club – People connect here, find contacts for job searches. LinkedIn is so boring, I can’t even think of a semi-interesting way of describing it.

social-connect-rss RSS Feeds – This is the modern gossip phone tree – You are notified as soon as anything new is out there. {When the blog got a new look, I changed RSS providers, hopefully to improve things for you. There were a few glitches at first, but hopefully those are all worked out. If you haven’t subscribed yet, put your email in the little box up top on the side and click submit!}

MaryOrg_Watermark_Color Blogs – The school newspaper – Filled with stories and information, sometimes useful and sometimes not.


I’m still learning about some of these. If you look at my Twitter and Google Plus pages, you’ll notice I’m still new to those and figuring it out! I guess I was never the kind to walk the malls much for fun. My friends and I used to walk around Target for fun, which probably says a lot about what kind of student I was in high school.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my view of social media. Be sure and connect with me! What high school/social media clubs fit you?

Happy social-media surfing!

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  1. Thanks for the great info! I’ve only been blogging for a few months, and this social media stuff can be a bit overwhelming. This really helps! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

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