2 Things Moms Should Know

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When I went grocery shopping this week, my 3-month-old was happy a long time while I filled my cart. Then I got to the checkout and that is when he decided he was tired and done shopping. So the wailing began and I tried to comfort him and unload the cart at the same time, and was doing a terrible job at both. That is when a very kind lady stepped up to me and offered to hold my baby while I checked out. She calmed my baby and blessed me. I will count her act of kindness as one of my gifts to be thankful for this Mother’s Day.

I’ve studied, written about, and thought endlessly about motherhood this week. There are two things that really stuck out to me as important for me to remember during this season of my life.

2 Things Moms Should Know:

  • The little things we do day-in and day-out matter. The meals, the cleaning, the cuddles, the taxi-ing to activities, the games, the laundry, and the everything else. It is not all fun and a lot of it can be quite monotonous, but it matters.
  • It is okay to take time to ourselves. It is okay to delegate. We need to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of everyone else.

Other things you might enjoy —-

Last Mothers Day I wrote about The Magic Hamper, which was one of the “little things” my mom did for me that has left a lasting impression. It may be something different and we might have to wait thirty years to find out, but there is some little thing we are doing now that our kids will always remember.

This week I shared over on The Simply Domestic Blog about some more things I learned from my mother, including her *dieting trick*. I also share the gifts I’m giving this Mother’s Day.

Earlier this week, I talked about how balance as a mom is not found in any of the extremes: Thoughts On Motherhood Sometimes Make Me Gag

This video about Motherhood is profound.

One of my very favorite mom-tricks is Our Good Behavior Quarter Jar.

I hope all of my friends, clients, and readers are surrounded by people they love today.

A blessed Mothers Day to you!


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2 thoughts on “2 Things Moms Should Know

  1. Thanks for the reminder that the little things do matter! Sooo much of my day is spent on those little things. Your post on The Simply Domestic Blog was funny, too!

  2. I had a trick when running errands. I’d tell the kids how many places we needed to go, whether I’d have an extra one if a place didn’t have what I needed, and a trip to the playground for a while as a break. Especially before the grocery store. My kids were older, maybe 3 and 5. They knew if one of the stops what the bookstore, they’d get a new book. Same as the library but they still learned to hate fabric stores!

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