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Electrolux Dream Kitchen Blue Cabinets

For my family, our kitchen isn’t just where we make food three times a day, it is where we live. Someone is always doing something in our kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of our home, and when we moved into our home, it was the first room I organized and decorated. How a kitchen functions and feels really matters.

Recently I created this Dream Kitchen board on Pinterest. I’m excited to have a place where I can start to collect ideas for my Dream Kitchen.

Electrolux Dream Kitchen Fresh and Peaceful

Of course, calling it a Dream Kitchen might make it feel far away in the future. That doesn’t have to be the case! We can use the ideas found in these Dream Kitchens to baby step our own kitchens towards being our Dream Kitchen! We don’t have to wait until we move or build our dream home, we can make changes today.

Here are a few ideas to build your dream kitchen right where you are!

  • Give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint.
  • Give your old tile floors the scrubbing of their lives to make them look new again. (I like to hire my favorite Carpet Cleaners to do this for me.)
  • Update your style: Paint the walls a new color, and change out the wall art and table centerpiece.
  • Replace your appliances with an Electrolux Dream Suite of appliances. The Suite includes refrigerators, induction cooktops, and dishwashers that are sleek and stylish. Selecting from a suite of coordinating appliances makes it so easy to choose beautiful appliances that complement one another.

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What I really love about these kitchens:

  • The dishwasher next to that amazing farmhouse sink. Electrolux Dishwashers feature adjustable, customizable racks that can fit more than 180 items in a single load! That would be amazing for my family of six. I feel like I’m always trying to fit something in my dishwasher like a platter or vase that just barely doesn’t fit.
  • The short beverage refrigerators. With all of the kids running around these parts (my own + half the neighborhood some days), it would be great to have that loaded with kid-friendly drinks and snacks, right at their level too. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about them eating the dinner ingredients!
  • The way the appliances fit right into the cabinetry to make it all look so sleek and stream-lined. And do yourself a favor, if you are buying a refrigerator, splurge on the counter-depth one, it makes a big difference in appearance!
  • Visit Electrolux’s website and check out the beautiful Dream Suite.

Electrolux Dream Kitchen Appliances Streamlined into Cabinetry

Do all of these kitchens have you dreaming? What are you going to do to get your dream kitchen?

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Happy Kitchen Dreams to you,

ps) My mom used an Electrolux vacuum my entire time living at home and that vacuum is now being used by my brother. The vacuum is still going strong. Electrolux is quality!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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