School’s Out Party | Summer Fun List | A Mountain of School Papers

The end of the school year conditions us parents to be very excited for summer. It just becomes so intense near the end. I was at the school almost daily for one assembly, activity, or another. At one point during the past month of school I considered going to the office and writing a check for $1,000 to cover the costs remaining through the end of the year. I felt like I was sending an envelope with money inside almost every day between my three school-aged kids. And then there are these children of mine, these bright happy beautiful sweet children – near the end they started coming apart at the seams. We were ALL deteriorating. I started counting down the days to summer right along with the kids!

A&M finish 1st grade!

End of School Take I

I finishes kindergarten!

End of School Take II

I bet the teachers were even more excited than any of us. I LOVE my girls teachers – they are amazing. We sent them a little love on the last day of school. The gift was a beach towel, sunscreen, lifesavers, and a note from me and the girls. “Thanks for being a life saver this year, have a great summer!”

Thank you teachers On the last day of school, my friends at the bus stop  and I decided to throw a “School is Out” party for all the kids. We threw confetti and squirted silly string at them as they got off the bus. I’m pretty sure we are the coolest moms out there. (We all agree, so it must be true.) After the bus stop scene we made our way to a Sundae Bar setup in a garage. The kids had a blast and the start of summer was properly christened.

Lets party because school is out

School is out Pary-tay

And now summer is here!! We joined the bandwagon and made a Summer Fun List. I love all the creative ways people are displaying their lists! I’m seeing such fun ideas on Pinterest and my friends’ blogs. This year we did the super fancy “write the list on white paper” approach. Go ahead, pin it and dazzle all of your friends. (Can you guess which item I added specifically for my list-loving children and my list-loving self? — near the bottom in purple)

summer fun list

Now summer has officially started. We’ve spent the long weekend cleaning the house and doing yard work. Matt will go back to work and today will be the first summer day with me and four kiddos. Wish me luck.

One of my first official to-do items is to take care of this mountain of papers. These are the papers might littles brought home during the last week of school. THE LAST WEEK. This entire pile accumulated right at the end. I’m going along the school year thinking I’m doing an okay job of maintaining the crazy amounts of school papers coming home … then, BAM!!! A mountain.

The Mountain of School Papers

Am I alone or do you have a mountain of school papers to climb too? Thank goodness I’ve got some glorious summer days ahead to do it.

Happy, sunny thoughts to you,

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~~And in other news, I have a new computer and I have no idea how to use it. It is a miracle I wrote this post.~~

3 thoughts on “School’s Out Party | Summer Fun List | A Mountain of School Papers

  1. Oh my goodness, I only have one in school, and I can relate so much about the constant activities, and sending of money and papers coming home! I can’t imagine if all three of mine were in school!

  2. I wish you would write a post on how to stay on top of alllll the papers that come home from school. It is the one area that I really struggle with in my home.

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