Failure As Feedback {Organize Myself to Health – Week #3}

Organizing Myself to Health

Welcome back to my weekly installment of “Organizing Myself to Health”.

This past week I’ve been working on sleep. And this is what I have to say about that:

Sleep was a fail

It was one huge —

fail What do you do when you try really hard to make a change, but it just doesn’t work? Are YOU the problem or is the CHANGE the problem? What didn’t work and why?

Sometimes the answer isn’t always clear. When I help clients make changes in their lives and routines, sometimes it doesn’t always go according to plan, which always begs the question WHY? We don’t always know exactly, but one thing is for sure, if it isn’t working, something has to change. It might be as simple as a few tweaks to the system, or a little more involved like an attitude adjustment or an increase of self-discipline, and sometimes there are things outside the realm of control that need to be addressed and planned around. This is why I love working one-on-one with clients, because I love the challenge of taking someone’s unique situation and customizing a plan to fit their needs and life.

About that sleep — This past week has probably been one of the worst sleep weeks as of late. Maybe you can relate.

  • A few nights of sleeplessness when I could have been sleeping. Frustrating – just couldn’t fall asleep.
  • A few other night of staying up late to finish something I was working on – I hate being interrupted when I’m trying to write and get big things done, which is why I end up saving so much for after the kids are in bed. And since we are working on summer hours, the kids are going to bed so late, but the baby still wakes up on baby-time.
  • My baby does not sleep through the night at all. He is a big boy with a big appetite and gets sincerely hungry very frequently.
  • One night I couldn’t put down a book I was reading and the time got away from me. Oops!

Sooo … what to do with this failure? How do I move on from here? If I look at my “excuse” list, I can see that some of these could be solved with some tweaks. Maybe we should put the kids to bed earlier even though it is summer and compensate with more free-reading time before bed? My attitude about sleep could use some improvement. Since sleep has been such a struggle for me, sometimes I let myself stay up later working on something knowing I should go to bed, with the excuse of “I probably wouldn’t have fallen asleep anyway”. I need to give myself the chance to succeed at least! I need to put practice a bit more self-discipline with my late-night reading! And some things are just out of my control – some nights will be sleepless no matter what I do!

I’m going to handle this failure the same way I ask my clients to handle theirs —

Failure is feedback

The feedback for me is that right now is not the time I’m going to be really successful with sleep, and if I get stuck on this right now, it puts my whole journey at risk. So, I’m going to just count this week as a learning experience and move on.

Organizing application:  If you have been trying for weeks to get your office organized, but it keeps not happening. It has been on your mind, but you just haven’t gotten to it for one reason or another, but finishing it is blocking you from other projects. You’re waiting on the office to get clean to be able to move on, so you’re unable to get the rest of your house in order because you are waiting to clean your office first. My advice is to skip the office and come back to it later. Sometimes it is the right thing to do. Focus on some areas where you can see results and feel successful. You will get back to the office! And when you do, you will be in a better frame of mind and it will go better all around! 


Week 4′s challenge –

Eat an apple every day. Yep, hopefully this is an easy win this week. I need that!

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6 thoughts on “Failure As Feedback {Organize Myself to Health – Week #3}

  1. Sleep has been a big issue for me too. I feel like a set a goal to sleep more every week, but have yet to work it out… Well, I sleep enough, just too late at night and too late into the morning. I’m not an early bird and never will be but 10am wake-up is just not okay. You and I have some work to do!!!

  2. I’m not sure if you’re looking for ideas for one of your weeks, but here’s a thought: what about eating more slowly? I’m not sure if you struggle with that, but I think it’s an easy problem to slip into especially when you have kids. Something as simple as eating more slowly though can give your body a chance to signal that you’re full before it’s too late and is just generally good for you. Anyway, just a thought.

    Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose

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