Father’s Day Gifts 2013

Fathers Day Gift 2013

Once upon a time there was this bachelor who lived in a bachelor pad. He had a full-size freezer for frozen pizzas and burritos and a dorm-size fridge for drinks and condiments. He had a TV entertainment center the size of Walmart and instead of having that mammoth beast against the wall to ground it, he pulled it out from the wall to get the perfect viewing angle from the couch. To hide the cords and mess at the back of the entertainment center, he took a door off of a bedroom closet and leaned it against the large gap between the wall and the entertainment center. He had already established a career and worked hard, but when he wasn’t working he played just as hard. He was on an adult men’s soccer team and played every pickup game of every sport. He slept when he wanted and lived how he wanted.

And then he met me. And we decided to get married and start a family. His bachelor pad quickly morphed into a family home with two cribs in the room next to ours and that ghastly giant entertainment center was vacated from the premises. The twins came into our lives and changed everything. This bachelor traded out his manly, care-free life to a life with a lot of expectation and responsibility. One of the reasons I feel so lucky is that he has always told me that he lived those bachelor days waiting and hoping for the day he could trade it in for the life he always wanted as a husband and father.

A husband and father like that deserves to be celebrated. This year, the theme of our gifts is boys will be boys. The girls and I had some fun shopping for Matt.

The girls got him a new basketball, volleyball and football. Yes, they are all youth-sized (my suggestion to the girls), because these are for Daddy-Daughter time. My hubby works some pretty long hours and when we had children, he gave up most of his hobby time to be around for his kids. He only has an hour or two in the evening with the kids before they go to bed, and he spends it hands-on with them. Now they are getting old enough that he can start to teach them those hobbies of long ago. A dad like that deserves some fun new equipment.

Playing to boy stereotypes for Fathers Day Gifts - they are stereotypes for a reason

Cougar got his daddy the set of Star Wars movies. My girls are scared of most G-rated movies, so Matt’s hope of enjoying this kind of movie with any of his kids rests in Cougars hands. Really, I can’t believe we didn’t already own this. I think that is only another testament to what a selfless provider Matt is for our family. I can’t remember the last time he bought anything for himself. Really, I think it has been a few years at least. And if you know my husband, you know that Walmart tag on the movie will make him happy for a few reasons. (wink, wink)

Star Wars is a great gift for a Dad that doesnt own it yet - is my hubby the only one

One of my gifts to Matt represents one of our fun date nights when we watched Les Mis together and then spent the next few hours re-watching our favorite scenes and singing along. It is one of those movies we agreed we needed to own! And if you don’t think Les Mis is manly, remember, Wolverine is a main character!

Yes my husband really loves this movie too

And the rest of Matt’s Father’s Day gifts are just things he needed (shirts and shoes not pictured). Matt is practical down to his core, so in all honesty, he prefers things like clothes, socks, and shoes for gifts. “If you are going to spend money on me, might as well be things I need.” (Luckily he understands I don’t feel the same about my gifts.) I’m so grateful for my down-to-earth husband who keeps things grounded around here.


On Sunday, the children and I will be making Matt his favorite treat of all time: No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars. I’ve never added the recommended ‘decoration’ on top of the bars, but I might for this special occasion.

No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars by Lizzy Early of Your Cup of Cake
No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars by Lizzy Early of Your Cup of Cake


Other than some fun gifts, a delicious desert, and some steaks grilled for dinner, our Sunday will be like most Sundays: full of church and family time.

And to my Matty: I have a great life because of you. Thank you for giving up that bachelor life long ago and for taking a chance on me. Who knew we’d end up with the four best kids on the planet? Well, we always did suspect they’d be awesome. Happy Father’s Day.


~~~And in other news, the girls thought I should get Matt a new car for Father’s Day. They don’t understand “budgets” yet.~~~


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