Garage Organization for Real Families

Garage Organization For Real Families

To tell you the truth, I had a hard time sharing my garage pictures with you, so I’ve been procrastinating it. Then, I had a “heart to heart” with myself and said to myself “Mary, there is nothing wrong with your garage. Everything is not match-matchy or magazine-beautiful, but it is organized and it really works for your family, so share it with the people and get over yourself already.” Dang, I can be so direct sometimes that it hurts a little. But I decided to take my own advice — So here you go, an organized garage, used and loved by a real family … not imaginary magazine people.

Organizing a garage for a real family not a magazine

The wall of “hooks”. I use the Rubbermaid FastTrack that I found at Lowe’s. I am not being compensated for this opinion, I just really like how it works for us. All of these hooks float around seamlessly all over the tracks. When our stuff changes, I can change the hooks super easily.

Organize Sports and Recreation Equipment for Easy Access

I love these hooks that hold the scooters up. It makes the scooters look so neat! The bikes are not pictured here because kids were riding them at the time. But, I haven’t found a good solution for the bikes yet (that the kids can put away themselves and they can’t lift the bikes easily), so you can imagine them just all over the floor on the left side of the garage. At least the scooters look nice!!

Scooter Hooks

I love this basket that hooks onto the tracks. Having the helmets right by the bikes and scooters make them so much more likely to be worn and also not end up all over the garage floor.

Basket for Helmets near scooters and bikes

Here are our camping/sports chairs for easy access.

Make it easy to bring your own chair

The random equipment easily organizes on the adjustable hooks.

All the misc equipment stores seamlessly on hooks

Tell me this isn’t the coolest way you’ve seen balls stored! I wish is was just a touch wider, but it still makes me happy just to look at.

The best way to store balls ever

The folding tables and camping cot are stored up against the wall in the corner. These are a pain to store, but we just keep needing to use them, so I’ll just keep storing them.

Folding tables and camping cots leaned against wall

Here are my shelves in the garage. I prefer open shelves so you can find stuff easily. It does not look as pretty as cabinets, but it is very functional to use. I don’t want to admit how many of those containers are empty. If I was ever accused of hoarding anything, it would be empty containers. I try my best to keep it to a minimum, but they are my weakness.

Real Garage Organization not prettied up for the blog

We keep these wreaths up so we can celebrate the seasons all year round in the garage … or it just makes switching out the door wreath really easy for the seasons. Tom-A-toes, Tom-a-toes.  :)

Celebrate different seasons all year round in your garage

My kids hang their swim towels up here so I don’t have to wash them every day after we come home from the pool.

Hooks on the side of the freezer for swim towels

Are the asymmetrical hooks making you twitch or want to claw at the computer screen? I ran out of hooks that matched. I do my best not to look at the hooks when I walk by them. This must be remedied soon.

Is the asymmetrical hooks making you twitch

This sink comes in handy for dirty jobs! (With my husband’s “yard-work tennis shoes” tucked underneath.) That is a our broken-but-duck-taped stool for the kids to reach the sink.

This sink comes in handy for dirty jobs

Here are the hooks up on the other side of the garage. I have the recreation equipment separated on the other side from the “boring” stuff on this side.

More easy and practical garage organization

My donation station! Wahoo!! Read more about that HERE.

Donation Station that is awesome for tax deductible donations

My cutie-pie photo-bombed this picture of the garage. I think she really improved the picture.

Someone cute photo-bombed the garage

Here is the front of my garage. Ta-da!!

Garage front


Do you want to see how my garage changed in the last year? Here is the garage post from last year.

Well, I guess that wasn’t as painful as I thought. I wonder what my garage will look like next year?!


In love with my blue garage floor,

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35 thoughts on “Garage Organization for Real Families

  1. I think your garage looks great! Neat and functional, just like a garage should be. I am so jealous. We live in Florida and have no attics or basements so Christmas decorations (and any other kinds of things typically stored in basements or attics either have to be stored inside in closets or in the garage (anything that could mildew has to be stored inside). trying hard to get my garage contents reduced down to a reasonable amount!

  2. Looks amazing! Where did you get the ball storage basket? That is awesome! And where do you keep bicycles and the lawn mower? I love the pool towel idea. The pool towels have been driving me crazy!

    1. The ball storage basket is a part of the FastTrack system. I’ve seen them for sale at Lowe’s, but I imagine you could order it online too.

  3. Thank you for sharing this what an inspiration for us Mary very thoughtful of u : ) I’ll be subscribing to u.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing!! I’ve been searching for a way to organize and tidy up our garage and this really helps — practical and it looks great! Glad you told where you got the hooks. And, those are some fun looking scooters (love the colors!)

    1. The epoxy is two years old and is starting to come off in the most used tire places. I think I will probably do a touch up in a year or so. The great thing about the flecks is that when I patch it, the flecks will make it all blend together. Loved your garage post – thanks for sharing!

  5. I just found your site and I LOVE it! I feel like your ideas are real and doable. Thanks so much and I look forward to spending more time on the site!

  6. This looks pretty reasonable and organized. Trying to get my garage in order, and most pix on the internet are either phony-baloney $4000 worth of cabinets, slat wall, shelving,etc etc in order to hang up the five items on the floor in the “before”picture or girly pottery barn looking stuff with galvanized tins labelled “nails” printed out on their scrapbooking cricut machine. Good job!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind assessment of my post! That is exactly how I hoped it would come across. A reasonably priced, do-able way to get a garage organized. :)

  7. Looks great! I need to try the FastTrack stuff – seems like it would be great for those odd-shaped garage-y items. Do you keep bicycles in your garage? That’s our downfall. I haven’t yet found a solution that makes the bikes easily accessible for the kids to grab and go while also keeping them out of the way. Any ideas?

    1. Great question! I’m actually going to show you how I organize my bikes within the next few weeks. They have been our downfall too long. I finally found a simple solution.

  8. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your post on bike storage. There are six of us, and my husband has two bikes, so they’ve really taken over our garage. :( the garage is a major point on my to do list, but the overwhelming amount of it and the Texas heat have me putting it off. I need to take your tip and commit to a few (early am) hours and are it better, not perfect. Thanks for the shove in the back!

  9. Your large, clean 3-car garage looks fabulous! But real families have tools, lawn mowers, weed eaters, work benches, garden equipment, etc. Love the blue floor though!

    1. I think what you mean to say is that “some” real families have those things. What I meant by “real families” is that it was MY REAL GARAGE that MY REAL FAMILY used, not a garage in a magazine that no one actually uses. Of course no one is going to store the same things in their garages.

      And I’ve seen and helped clients with those things you mentioned create CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL garages. There is definitely a way to make those things work.

      I did employ the sweetest lawn care guy ever. He was a veteran and his slogan on his business card was “seniors at work”. Because of Arvil, I didn’t have any lawn equipment in this garage, but there is a ton of other things in there (some that you mentioned).

      Since this garage post that is over 3 years old, I’ve actually re-organized that garage, including sharing how I organized my tools (I’ve been getting into DIY and acquiring more of those). You may want to check that out –

      And I moved last month, so my current garage is still a mess since we’ve been dealing with water leak damage, etc. :) That’s pretty real too, lol, but I’ll probably wait to share it until it’s organized … though this is a great reminder to go snap a picture of the BEFORE. And sadly, without an Arvil here, and because the cost of living in the new area is much higher, I will be getting a lawn mower and mowing my own lawn – darn it! :)

  10. Mary, your garage and advise to maintain it is wonderful! It takes a brave and caring sole to open your personal life to the public. I want to thank you very much for doing so. I will take away your ideas “Oh it does look out of a magazine”.
    Diana- San Bruno, Ca

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